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  • Devin Nunes ties to Elk Grove Democratic elected official Did you know the Trump kowtowing Congressman Devin Nunes is tied to a Democratic Elk Grove elected official?
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  • Larson reinstated & Franklin High Alum helping homeless By John Hull | Dr. Brittany Vacura, a dentist with Elica Health, was the pitcher on the Franklin High School softball team from 2007-2009 and pitched collegiately at Occidental. She now treats homeless and low-income individuals in Sacramento. Also, Kyle Larson reinstated to NASCAR.
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  • If not pride, an Elk Grove mayoral forum With the backdrop of a hotly contested mayoral race, the COVID19 pandemic has deprived Elk Grove voters of the opportunity to hear all three candidates together in a public forum.
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  • CalMatters.org Justice Reporter outline Prop 20 On this year’s statewide California Ballot are 12 propositions, one of which is Proposition 20. That measure, which is supported by California Assembly member Jim Cooper seeks to roll back some of the voters approved criminal reforms. On this edition of Elk Grove News Podcasts, we’ll discuss Prop 20 with BryRhonda Lyons of CalMatters.org.
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  • Republican law and order silence This week we learned of the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The plot by so-called Michigan militia members – and lets be straight here – this was a terrorist plot – so lets quit calling them militia men.
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  • Rod Edmiston, Athletic Director for the EGUSD Did you know that 37 states are allowing their student/athletes to play sports right now? But, in California, there is just outdoor conditioning. Right now we should be talking about the halfway point in the high school football season, but no one has touched a football in California.
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  • Lynn Wheat Elk Grove City Council District 3 candidate In her own words, Elk Grove City Council candidate Lynn Wheat.
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  • Ya' Gotta be Schmittin' Me - Rollercoaster of Chaos By Dan Schmitt | It’s an understatement to say that most Americans found the first presidential debate disappointing. The biggest complaint was the number of times President Trump interrupted Vice President Biden and the moderator, Chris Wallace. Certainly, Biden did interrupt occasionally, but by one Washington Post count, Trump was responsible for 75% of the debate interruptions. However, there’s another way to look at that debate. What most people saw as absolute chaos, I saw as just what our nation needed. Over 75 million Americans got to observe for an excruciating hour and a half exactly what our 74-year old president is, an immature, petulant child.
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  • Part II Elk Grove Baseball Coach Jeff Carlson Major League Baseball is in its post-season right now. But for the seven MLB players from Elk Grove, their seasons are over. This is part two of an interview with former Elk Grove High School baseball coach Jeff Carlson, who had seven of his former players on a Major League Baseball roster this season – Rowdy Tellez with the Blue Jays, Derek Hill with the Tigers, J.D.Davis with the Mets, David Freitas with the Brewers, Dom Nunez with the Rockies, Nick Madrigal with the White Sox and Carlson’s son, Dylan, with the Cardinals.
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  • Kevin Spease Elk Grove City Council District 3 Candidate In his own words, Elk Grove City Council District 3 candidate Kevin Spease.
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