Top 100 Goa Trance Hits DJ Mix 2015 [electronicmusic |2016-01-01]
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Top 100 Goa Trance Hits DJ Mix 2015 [101 Dance Hits]
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101 Dance Hits collaborating with Goa Rec, Ovnimoon Rec, Digital Drugs and Power House Rec powered by Geomagnetic Label Group.
Released: 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psy-Trance
1/Top 100 Goa Trance Hits DJ Mix 2015 (2hr Classic Fullon Psychedelic DJ Mix)
2/Arronax, Weedran/Acid Sunshine (2012 Edit)
3/California Sunshine/Alala (Astro-D Remix)
4/JIS/Behind the Lights
5/01-N/Acid Experiment
6/Omneon/Magic Forest
7/Sound Philoso Therapy/Hugging the Universe
8/JIS/The Illusion of Reality
9/Javi, SkoOma/The Amplidude
10/Alcyon/Happy Nature
11/Cosmic Dimension/Voyage in the Universe
12/Psychowave/Supernova (PharaOm Collapsing Star Remix)
13/Nash Mafia Blues/Apocalypse
14/Filami/Ingenuous Curiosity
15/Ekko/The Wizard
16/Connected Visions/Gateway To Another Dimension (Remix)
17/Ajna/Come Back to Reality
18/Voxel9/Moon Mission
19/2Minds/Mission To Mars
21/Trinodia/Violins On Acid
22/Frost Raven/Rutha Ru
23/Lectro Spektral Daze/The 4th Dimension
24/Cactus Arising/Long See Long Walk
25/Lectro Spektral Daze/Moving Alongside Us
27/Siam/Beyond the Astral Worlds
28/ScrewLoose, Lunar Dawn/Big Crunch
30/Necton/Bob On Acid
31/Gaiana/Universe Alive (Kernavemoon Remix)
32/Bell Size Park/Interceptor 2013
33/Ovnimoon/The Holographic Sphere (Psilocybian Remix)
35/Uriel Noise, Index/The Cube
36/Try2fly/The Whole World Is An Illusion
37/01-N/Resting Membrane Potential
39/Bus/Full Monty Jacket
40/Ancient Alien/Tribute To The Elders
41/Anumana, Nostromosis/Circle in the Fields
42/Cactus Arising/Transfer at the Speed of Light
43/Cosmic Dimension/Alien Speech
44/Ghost On Acid/Kristallwald
45/Nova Fractal/Common Cold (Lunar Dawn Remix)
46/Shayning/Masters Of Goa
47/Sky Technology/Pleadian Connection
48/Agneton/Azure Epos
49/Illuminator/Celestial Engineering
50/Javi, SkoOma/Atomic Cocktail
51/Atma/The Doors Of Perception
52/Micro Scan/Trance System Burnz
53/Alien Bug/Sonic Conscious
54/Astro-D/Pulshing Frequency
55/Barby/Antron II
56/Braincell/Dusty Irritations
57/Chaos Therapy/Deep Trance (Imix Remix)
58/Cosmic Vibration/Tree Therapy
59/Crying Freemen/Psynapsys
60/dj Kundalini/High On Jack
61/Kelle & Juha/Onam
62/Rigel/Mental Flare
63/Virtual Light/Quantum Helix
64/Twistedreaction & Mindstorm/Civilysergia
65/Liquid Space/Learn About Music (Wavelogix remix)
66/Random, Dj Dala/To Samsara
67/PsiloCybian, Braincell/Altjira
69/Dragon/Morning Storm
70/Skyloops/Modern Stimulation
71/Wicked Wires, Brain Hunters/Mr. Mars
72/Suntribe/Deep Melodies (Psychosocial Remix)
73/Universal Mind Gate/Hyperception
74/Solar System/Majestic (New Version)
75/Prosonik/Psychedelic Ray Reloaded
77/Te Tuna/Crazy Squeak
78/David Sonnentiger/Augurium
80/Man Machine/Eastern Sapphires
81/Terra/Fractal Journey (Via Axis Remix)
82/Coral/Ecletic Dreams
83/Sunday Light, Arcano/The Predator
84/Morphoradius/10 Seconds
86/Distant Touch/Shadow Fighter
88/Wizack Twizack/Orbiting
89/Sonic Elysium/Autumn Waltz
90/Nimerix/QFT (Psytrance Mix)
91/Predators/What Is Out There
92/Sharigrama/Magic Land (Shadai Dark Remix)
93/Lost Shaman/Visions of Cosmic Order
94/SyncTronik/How Great I am
95/Xenzodiak/Orange Sun
96/Suduaya/Matrimandir (Elegy Remix)
97/2Minds/Blue Magic
98/Zardobski/Mr Who
99/Fractal Vivisection feat. XaniaX/I'm Knocking at Your Door (Radio Edit)

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