Psychedelic Hard Rave Top 100 Dance Hits DJ Mix 2015 [electronicmusic |2015-12-23]
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Psychedelic Hard Rave Top 100 Dance Hits DJ Mix 2015 [101 Dance Hits]
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101 Dance Hits collaborating with Goa Rec, Digital Drugs, Ovnimoon Rec, and Power House Rec powered by Geomagnetic Label Group.
Released: 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psy-Trance
1/100 Psychedelic Rave Hits 2015 (Continuous DJ Mix Mix)
2/Life Extension/Calling You
3/Biokinetix/Ice on Fire
4/Painkiller, Freeze/Pay And Obey
5/Innovation Modification/Fly Away
6/Sentinel/Slow Burning
7/Saltaux/Electro Magnetic Pulse
8/Braincell/Distorted Energy (Astro-D Remix)
9/Artsense/Evolution Factor
10/Passion Project/Never Die
11/Digital Sound Project/Beyond Good & Evil
12/Spectral Touch/Guitars In The Night
13/Panaeolus/New Things
14/Nxa/Under the water
16/Quality Sound/Alien On Earth (Mind Bender Remix)
17/Man Machine/Convergence
18/Random, Southwild/Moon Wrecks
19/Jaws Underground/Still Alive
20/Via Axis/Vilca Spirit
21/Random, Bird Of Prey/88mph (Kinesis, Mind Storm Remix)
22/Noize Hunter/Babongo
23/ProtoDrive/Divine Creature
24/Wizack Twizack/Lucky Strike (Remix)
25/DNI, X-Avenger/There is Many Reasons
26/Zybex/Transformation of Conciousness
27/L66/Later Oscillator
28/Mystical System/Mystical World
29/Biokinetix, Brain Driver/Welcome to the real world
30/Mental Control/Musik
31/Nevarakka, Wizack Twizack/Paralyzed
32/Suntribe/Deep Melodies (Psychosocial Remix)
33/Sanathana/Sacred Garden of Love
34/Paraforce/Electronic Matrix
35/D.N.I/The Gravity (Biokinetix Remix)
36/Try2Fly/Fear & Loathing
37/Abomination, Painkiller/Distorting Substance (Twisted Reaction Remix)
39/Terra/Fractal Journey (Via Axis Remix)
41/Micro Scan/Paradise
43/S.Ph.T./Eclipse of the Moon in June
44/Cosmotech/Psyche Transhumans (Earth Space Remix)
45/Alignments/Theory Of The Statics (Biocycle Remix)
47/Te Tuna/Spintronics
48/Trinodia/Ursae Majoris
49/X-Team/Everybody Dies
51/Kinesis/Crystal Skulls
52/Paratech/Sequencing The Future
53/Spirit Architect/New Born
54/Quantum Leap/Rakia
55/BPM/Strange Stones
56/01-N/Casimir Effect
57/Bioterranean/Nothing Of Privileges
58/Alien Bug/47th Floor
59/AudioForm/Godamn Elektric
60/Distant Touch, Rubix Qube/The Great Cape Escape
61/Drumatix/Pitch Perfect
62/BrainBokka/One Way
63/Sychodelicious/Out Of Sense
64/Sonic Elysium/Mahaon
65/Valid8/Order of the Universe
66/Prospect/Sounds Like A Melody (Viber Remix)
67/Tetrium/The Sun Is Shining
68/Coral/Neon Summer
70/Ganesha/The Fourth Kind (remix)
71/Mind Paradise, Urucubaca/Healing of the Nation
72/Ovnimoon, Via Axis/You R God (2010 Remix)
73/Transporters/High Level Music
74/Defib/Fractle Rock
75/Echodelic/True Prophecy
76/Hidden Soul/Crazy Rushka
77/Wizard Lizard/Twist The Notes
78/Faradize/Psycho Therapy
79/Electryxeed/Organic Xeeds
80/Attik (Mexico)/Spektrum (Remix)
81/Gao/Monkey Moskeco
82/JoshLive/Waiting For God
84/Polypheme/Te Quiero Puta (Acid Prophecy Remix)
85/Sine Die/Life Hack (Polypheme Remix)
86/Virtual Light/Castlevania (Te Tuna Remix)
87/Alchemix/Cosmic Alchemy
88/Nimerix/QFT (Psytrance Mix)
89/Soundragon/Futurage (Remix)
92/Raptor/Psychedelic Soul
93/20x/Deadly Mind Trip
95/Artificial Intelligence/Divine Miracles
96/Psilocybian/Mary Poppills v2
97/Side Winder/Inside LSD
98/Merkaba/Future Ancient
99/Solar Spectrum/Static (Remix)
101/Frost Raven/Echos (Ovnimoon Edit)

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