Orphic EVeryman Cosmos Like Kramer
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Despite many of the artists in the electronic scene claiming hip-hop influences, there are few that I’ve heard do it as well as Orphic & EVeryman. Their new EP, “Martian Waters” is an exceedingly prime example of when equal parts positive hip-hop lyrics and soulful, delightful electronic meet. Composed of four tracks, Martian Waters to quote one of it’s tracks “rock[s] so fresh and flow[s] so fluid” that it inspires the listener to cling the lyrics that strike the mind as much as the music strikes the soul. First out of the gate is “Cosmos like Kramer” which uses addictive alliteration and inclusive rhyming from EVeryman to help blast the listener into a journey seemingly toward the light-speed space journey they are only beginning. The fat bass chords and hornish synths power the boogie machine all the way through to the melodic piano section. The namesake of the EP, “Martian Waters” offers shared continuity from the last track with a similar piano track before EVeryman seems to dismiss the “semantics” that so much music gets tied up in. Part of the appeal to the lyrics is the wholesome yet complex messages that is doled out to the souls who get touched by the funky tunes. Moving on, the third track of this EP, “Bagga Funk” features awesome tonal ascensions and a cruising beat that propels the listener on a ride in a celestial drop-trop on the way to scoop “a nickel bag of funk.” My favorite part of this track is the seemingly acapella, internal rhythm with which EVeryman spans the gap of more quiet parts of the song. Although gap isn’t the right word since the momentary lack of noises serve to accentuate the genius behind the lyrics. The last track of this EP, “Gotta Hook” starts off with an upbeat strutting guitar and bass line and quickly proves that the way of the hook is strong with these two cosmic creative creatures.

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