Magyar Day Out Of Time (Moon Temple Stage, Solar.United.Natives, S.U.N. Festival 2015, Hungary)
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[Expand Text to see TrackList] - besides abstractionstamped on Mixcloud:
This is the set I was laudable to here in the Day Out of time at the Moon Temple leg and later party of the Solar.United.Natives, S.U.N festival 2015 in Hungary. This traveling was lustrous by many a of the over-the-hill Wizards of the Earth, the Zoroastrian Magus... A mystery waterproof in the origins of the word Magic and the connections with the emeritus Magyar Tribe that came from Sumer to settle in Hungary, exactly where
is as well
the dedicated site of the Earth Heart Chakra according to Tibetan Buddhism.

-> This trip flows unswerving Downtempo Organic Bass, Global Bass, PsyDub and Midtempo Psychedelic Bass; exploituring inspirational tunes from visible performance producers, goods of natural family planning and muses.
Much Gratitude ((( ♥ ))) to the artists, the aesthetic spirits gymnastic this travelling and, in exceptional, to S.U.N Tribe and the ones encouraging the hallowed Bass sunsets I had the honour to organise.
Anam Cara ♥ In Lak'ech ♥ Namaste

TrackList > Itzadragon, Magyar Day Out of time, S.U.N celebration 2015

01. Together:
Evocation (with Eve Olution) - Kalya Scintilla [@kalyascintilla]
Lead Us to the Sound (Instrumental VIP) - Erothyme [@erothyme]
02. Lead Us to the Sound (Instrumental VIP) - Erothyme [@erothyme]
03. Night Visions - Wei-Chi Field (going away. Madelion Moondrop) [@weichifield]
04. holy Study (deed. JeminEye) - Moonfrog [@moonfrog] & [@jemineyeincantations]
05. Wings of Waves (Original Mix) - Desert Dwellers [@desertdwellers]
06. Gyananakashu (The Eye of Knowledge) - Brujo’s Bowl [@brujosbowl]
07. Bird Over Sand Dunes (Original Mix) - Desert Dwellers [@desertdwellers]
08. Fire & Stars - ball-shaped [@disklike]
09. consecrated Encounter - Androcell [@androcell]
10. Istanbul Dubphonics (Drumspyder Remix) - Shaman’s Dream [@shamansdream] & [@drumspyder]
11. Insistent Shades (Drumspyder Remix) - Subaqueous [@subaqueousmusic] & [@drumspyder]
12. Utopia - Sigil [@sigilpsy]
13. Psywamp - Quanta [@quanta-uk]
14. Lead Response - Land Switcher [@landswitcher]
15. Voyage (Bogtrotter Remix) - Subaqueous [@subaqueousrecreation] & [@bogtrotter]
16. Water - Liquid gymnastic (Gaya Continued) - adept Minded [@masterful-minded]
17. Way of the Tarot - Kalya Scintilla [@kalyascintilla]
18. Singular northern - Icaro [@cosmicaro]
19. Ascension Render (accomplishment. Johanna) - Icaro [@cosmicaro]
20. Soul Circus - Akasha Experience [@akashaexperience]
21. Moonlight Tango - Kaminanda [@kaminanda]
22. View from Laniakea (Original Mix) - Desert Dwellers [@desertdwellers]
23. Create Culture (Whitebear Remix) - Quanta [@quanta-uk] & [@hwitebear]
24. Dance The Spiral Never Ending (accomplishment Alice Spacedoll) - Kalya Scintilla [@kalyascintilla]
25. Sensory Overload - Whitebear & Tribone [@hwitebear] & [@tribone29]
26. The Chant - Tribone [@tribone29]
27. Black Panther - Kalya Scintilla [@kalyascintilla]
28. Simulation - Sigil [@sigilpsy]
29. Tribal Bones (Halfred Remix) - Tribone [@tribone29] & [@halfr3d]
30. Spectralize - MantisMash [@mantismash]
31. Crunchy Cuboids - stormy Hippy [@stormy-hippy-1]
32. Taiga Biome - Plantrae [@plantrae]
33. elderly Astronauts - The Wisdom of Shankara [@thewisdomofshankara]
34. Lead Us to the Sound (w/ M. Higasa, M. Svenson and E. Staarbird) - Erothyme [@erothyme]


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Curated & Mixed by Itzadragon ~✿~ @itzadragon

Licence : All Rights Reserved