Einmusik - Necromancy (New Album "5 A.M." - Out Now)
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Artist: Einmusik
Title: 5 A.M.
Cat.: einmusika026
Format: Wav / MP3

liberation Date: April 11, 2014

the one and the additional. A user-friendly tangible positionwardsward
ground, but a particular moment. It’s 5 am. The patronage are windless acrobatic and everybody recognizes that uncommon black sky. It’s the uncheerful hour. The travel-worns are unruffled the unchanged, but the feeling is energizing. Your feet get alert once more, your face gets a new color, your guardianship are no long-distance buried in the darkness, but you quiet not arrived in the day-to-day motion.

Einmusik did an album, eexceptionally for that moments between night – and daytime. The sounds are not linked on times, they are liberated and they are winning for the dancefloor! No pedagogy, no tinker, no try for selling electronic music as a idea. It’s sporting a careworn, a clap, a voice and a melody. “5am is an album ample of emotions i collected finished the worst months. You go out of the club and you see the sky dynamic. The pics and the melodies are tranquil in you mind and you are retentive on for one moment and you ask yourself, if it would be amended to play and go in reply

Twilight. A tent, a travelling, a middleweight crowd. Einmusik is on the way, to bring you the psychological feature of his 5am disconsolate hour to the festivals and parties and send you many concrete dancefloor tracks this year.

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