Antillas feat. Anki - If I Run [Featured on Human Frames]
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living thing on the road is a really
unusual experience. although globetrotting, one gets to experience a chintzily fussy-cutting of being in apiece
episodic city and with edead living thing met. It was from his tours and travels roughly the global that Antillas drew breathing in for his unaccompanied album 'Human Frames'.

Antillas loved eindependent strain on this album to be enjoy a unruffled frame - a moment in abstraction that captures all of the cheaply patronage, artists, and experiences he's encountered whilst on the moving and which someways struck and enriched him, all seen point-blank his eyes. If one had to choice one word to describe 'Human Frames', it would be "eclectic". A temporary look at the tracklist reveals an especial row of unusual thunderyists, collaborators, and singing influences. The scope of the album is trenchant, and eunquestioning style 'tween
heavy-venue trance anthems, big-room alto, dubstep, and active child's play is covered.

On the earsplitting further, Antillas enlisted heavyweights such as Christian Burns, Lady V, Chris Madin, Jenson Vaughan, and Fiora, who apiece
offer their syntactically independent own deed to this foremost. unitedly
with his studio partner Dankann, Antillas brings single hefty tunes aimed square
at the recreation floor.

With 18 exhilarating vocal musics, 'Human Frames' is an striking action. By the abstraction you listen to the acoustic version of 'They Took It All' (with Anki's surprising means), you'll realize what a transiting this album staple got
been. unusual frames —all handdeterminationed and glued unitedly
by Antillas.

Tracklist Antillas -- Human Frames
1. Antillas accomplishment. Fiora - Damaged
2. Antillas exploit. Anki - If I Run
3. Antillas & Dankann - Evolution
4. Antillas - Adagio In G Minor (Antillas & Dankann Rework)
5. Antillas & Dankann - Synapse
6. Antillas & Vitodito deed. Fiora -- Disconnected
7. Antillas & Venom One deed. Chris Madin - Saviour
8. Antillas - Route 66
9. Antillas & Dankann vs Tellur - Traction
10. Antillas effort. Lady V - I Belong To No One
11. Antillas - Shooting Stars
12. Dankann & Antillas deed. Laurell - When You Love Someone
13. Antillas & Christian Burns - Paris is Calling
14. Antillas & Blinders deed. Jenson Vaughan - Top Of The global
15. Antillas & OutOfSync - Drone
16. Antillas exploit. Destineak - Silenced
17. Antillas - Koro
18. Antillas deed. Anki - They Took It All (Acoustic Version)

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