Abandoned Concepts 2013-2015

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Here are all my abandoned concepts/tracks from 2013 to 2015. These are some of the songs I started but never finished. Most of it is actually alternate versions of finished songs. This is my last goodbye to these ideas.

1) Timeisbyyoursumr1: I did a remix of a track called "Sumr". This was my first take at it. Oh, and why not put in John Ward's vocals from "Time Is By Your Side"... These are actually some of the nicest vocals I've ever heard.

2) GoDeep: A deep dark techno thing. Listen to that saw pluck melody. Recognize it?

3) Simplodeep: A little unfinished project with Sarah Clark's vocals chopped up.

4) Outtro: Feel good drum and bass.

5) BigpadsInfinite: An unfinished derivative of my "Outshine" remix by Myon & Shane 54.

6) Deep2: I wanted to finish this so badly but I couldn't make anything work.

7) TheWorld2: Inspired by Wolfgang Gartner

8) 115: Fun remix attempt at Eleven.five's "Thinks of Her"

9) SpaceMinus3: It's not related to Space Minus One, but... this went on to become the title track of my first album "Nothing Out Here":

10) Intro: This was an abandoned attempt at the opening track for my first album "Nothing Out Here"

11) Danny: I made this while hanging out with @JustinOhMusic in South Korea in the summer of 2013.

12) Loopy4: I liked how this one started by it got boring quick.

13) Jacobtest: Showing off some alternate ideas for Discover to Jacob Henry.

14) Ad04NewGen: This was originally, long ago, a demo for Anjunadeep. Then I changed it around a bunch and made it more trancey. Then I abandoned it.

15) Laszlo: A collab glitch hop track with @laszlomusic that never got off the ground for time's sake. I ended up finishing it: "There For You Now"

16) GuitarDnb: I have this idea to do some really laid back country style drum and bass.

17) Voly: Showed this off to Volant. We wanted to collab on it, but then life happened.

18) 80: This is the start of "Nova".

19) ItStarts: The is the second half of "It Starts" that I cut out for pacing's sake.

20) Nodistortion: Why not throw in John Ward's vocals again. This went on to become "Cliche Lovesong"

21) DaftChords: Just playing with some resampled rhodes things.

22) JR: An unfinished glitch hop idea.

23) Lovesong: This bootleg version is what I used to convince Fenomenon to give me the vocal stems and let me work with them.

24) TL13: A bad attempt at a dubstep part in Space Plus One.

25) Veryspacemuchstar: Just some angry bass and snappy percussion.

26) Funky: Funky stuff. I chopped this up and used it in "Falling A Little" and "Who You Are"

27) Fun3: Having fun with the melody from an all-time favourite, "The Matrix II" by The Cynic Project.

28) Dan2: Playing with the resampled rhodes from a bit earlier in this mix. I wanted @Danseig to jam on his guitar over this :)

29) Star: Just a little remix of an unreleased @Volant song. Tom, release it already!!

30) Understrings: Just the strings from "Bastion" that I was really proud about.

31) Yup: A derivative of "Future" with a cool lead thing.

32) Lol1: Listening to too much @Nanobii

33) YikesFuture13: Featuring a slightly aggressive section that I cut out.

34) Whoaminow: This was an unfinished vocal collaboration. I can't show the vocal part but this was the ending of the track. It transitioned to a progressive track, and was an early attempt at trying to connect two distinct songs (tempo & key change)

35) Demo1: Davek with some early ideas for "An Adventure"

36) Disappear: Early chord progression from "Disappear"

37) Disappear2: Similar to above.

38) Driving: Abandoned remix attempt of "Disappear"

39) Newglitchhop: Using parts from "It's Alright"

40) Newglitchhop3: Same as above, but different.

41) Streamingsaturday: Before it was "No Way Back Up", it was… yeah!

42) Altogethernow: I had an idea to make a monster track that had elements from all the Space Cadet tracks. I didn't get far and this is pretty rough, but it was an idea I'd like to try again in the future.

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