Dubstep 100 Top Dubstep Bass Hits DJ Mix [dubstep |2016-01-06]
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100 Top Dubstep & Bass Hits 2015 DJ Mix [101 Dance Hits]
â–º iTunes: http://www.msclvr.co/tc578
â–º Spotify: http://sptfy.com/Tsf
â–º Amazon: http://amzn.to/1OebewO
â–º Google Play: https://goo.gl/I6Kzeg
101 Dance Hits collaborating with Dubstep SF, Bass Star, Wayside Rec, Tech Support, and Another Chance Rec powered by Geomagnetic Label Group.
Released: 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dubstep
1/Dubstep Hits DJ Mix 2015 (1hr Continuous Bass Core DJ Mix)
2/Sashaslay/Universe Rave
4/Bo Biz/Angry Viking
5/Exude/Hailstorm (Sashaslay Big Room Massive Electro BroStep Remix)
6/Venomous Dimensions/Eye To Eye
7/Double Agent/Kill You
8/Booma, Cannibal/Shot Caller
9/Robno Feat. Jimmy Little/Devin R.I.P.
10/Venomous Dimensions/Mask Of Genocide
11/Arch Rival/Daylight Assassins
12/Mykies McFilthy/Days Go By (Ripple Vip Peakhour Dubstep Remix)
13/MBrass, Paula/Ice Land (Alex Maynard Melodic Vocal Dubstep Remix)
14/Izzo/Stick To This (Kaith Hard Electro Trap Step Remix)
15/Intent To Sell/Bass Rap
16/Intent To Sell/Oh My Gawd
17/Vulture/My Inferno
18/Campress/Hitchcock (MIAMI BIG ROOM Festival Trap Step Mix)
19/Beau Destruct/Belll (Hard Electro Bass Melodic Mix)
20/B4sstee/Against The Dark
21/Crop/Try Again
22/Bo Biz/Captain Megabass
23/K Theory/Zipper
24/Vulture/King of Zombies
25/Enzymes/Googly Eyes
26/Enki, Fellow Trip/ Damfish
27/Mike Lucid, Twatricks/BuRn ThE mOnEy
28/Atomikdog/Freakadelic Delight
29/Dodds, Jade Siriswad/Planets Apart
31/Dionisis Haritopoulos/Madness (Christos Koulaxizis Jungle Is Sexy Remix)
32/Reverse Mode/Drops
33/Entity Plus/Bay Area Rukus
34/Palr/One Last Time
35/Rollikz/BeatKnock (Feat. 4nsic)
36/Chaper/& Enjoy
37/MegaHurtz/Gurilla Tactics
38/Crop/My Heart Is On Fire
39/Christos Koulaxizis, Chichilcitlalli/Loneliness (Overseas Edit)
40/Spec and Fuho/Ain't Easy Being Green
41/D-Program/Do It Now
42/Entity Plus/Tidal Blade
43/Grin Dee/Hello
45/Bo Biz/Sound Voyage
46/Kadd-3-wompu$/Oh Sh!t
48/Kelle & Juha/Shiva
49/Psychoz Feat. Gotten Ghettos/Pull It Down (Vocal Dubstep HipHop Hyphy Trap Step Mix)
50/Basic Nova/Intro Mexmen
52/Inevitable Thought/Slew Dem
53/Pedro Loutre/Bastard
54/MNTZ/Cloud Jumper
55/D-Queue, Luke Nukem/Crims and Cops
56/RIPPLE/Sunday Morning Dub
58/Ripple/Deep Empathy, Sympathy & Love
59/Smoke Sign/Dazed Goodbye (Vulture Dubstep Remix)
60/Hedlok/Terminal Error
61/Bobs and Sounds/Empire at War
62/Enzymes/Poor Boy Riddim
64/Leenuz/Echocentric (Dubstep Mix)
65/Shake/Last Night In The Sky
66/PhaseTensor/Fun With Magnets
67/Shake/Falling Rain
68/Vulture/Ladder To Hell (Kali Remix)
69/Audio Buddha/I Love You (Ragga Drum Step & Breaks Mix)
70/Vulture, Robno/Deep Freeze
71/Alias./RING RING
72/Municipal Youth/FreeBass
73/Pedro Loutre/Spaz Attak (Electro Glitch Step Mix)
74/Al Pancho, D-Program/Rastafari (Vocal Mix)
75/Ripple/Different Ting
76/Random & The Lorax/Fast Forward Selecta
77/Skrypt/Chronic Acceleration
78/Liam Shy vs Frost Raven/Antifreeze
79/Random Robot/Select Function
80/Aya/Tha Joka (Big Bass Glitch Hop Dub Remix)
81/Jon Game, U.M.B.R.O/Knobbin' Up (Vocal HipHop Dubstep Trap Crunk Mix)
82/Hedlok/Robot Nation
83/Mike Lucid/The Mystery
84/Beau Destruct/Anthem
86/Crop/I Was There (Miami EDM Festival Trap Bass Blaster Vocal Remix)
87/Stolen Mech/Flat-out
88/Municipal Youth/Gettin Busy
89/Psychoz/Show Mercy
91/D-Program/Lunar Eclipse (Drumstep Mix)
92/Atomikdog/LickIT (Electro Bass Step Remix)
93/Art of Fact/528
94/Energy Alchemist/The Fan
95/Municipal Youth/deFunk
96/Shayning/Battle Of The Moon
97/Bo Biz/Alrighty
98/Entity Plus/Chasm
99/Intent To Sell/Fight Music
100/Kali/Tantric Glow
101/Skrypt/Patient Spider
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