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  • Chiptuning – Why everyone is turning to it Introduction When someone buys a car, they want the maximum gain from their vehicle. The gain could be in terms of mileage or rather fuel usage or it could be in terms of durability which includes minimum wear and tear on the parts as well as the engine. The owner would want better efficiency of their car and more power. In earlier times, there was manual tuning which was done for the vehicles. As a result the carburetor was adjusted, the ignition timing as well as the air fuel mixture fed into the engine was adjusted too and that made the car more efficient and economical as well as gave it the extra boost of power. However, in today’s world most automobiles have an Engine Control Unit or the ECU this is a small computer which takes signals from various sources in both analog as well as digital forms and based on these signals it adjusts the air fuel mixture, the ignition timing and other factors. If this is not properly calibrated or the adjustments are not right, then the car does not perform to the level it is capable of performing. It also leads to more stress on the parts and decrease in the life of the engine. Advantages Most end users are not aware of chiptuning or even if they are aware they are not able to grasp the extent the power and torque can be increased to for each level of chiptuning that is done. Ignorance is not always bliss and therefore for a person to fully know and understand what is going to happen when his or her car is given for chiptuning, one should be prepared with necessary research done. The downside to this is that most people do not have the time to invest in so much of research as well as they have no clue as to where they can find accurate, detailed and complete information on chiptuning. The end result is that they can be easily fooled or misled by unethical car servicing companies. There is also a possibility that the car servicing company that does the chip tuning for them is not fully aware as to the maximum level that the car can be pushed to, and remap the ECU so that the performance is better than initial but not to the complete potential. There are several sites on the internet which give details of chiptuning. One of these is http://chiptuningblog.com/ one can click here for chiptuning news or blogs regarding a variety of categories. Most models are covered by this site and it is easy to navigate. Once the model is chosen, one is presented with a page which has detailed information of the model as well as the steps for chiptuning of that model and what can be expected at the end of each step. The end result is that the user knows what to expect and how to make the car that is bought perform at par or even better than other models in it’s class and category. Discover more at http://chiptuningblog.com
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