Building an altar of worship
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Dn. Ola, RA Emphasis Sunday
TEXT: 2 SAM 24:18-25

What is worship?
1. To worship God is to reference God.

What is worship?
2. Worship has to do with one's walk with God.

What is worship?
3. Worship is also seen as a relationship with God.

Our Goal
The Baptist men (MMU) and boys(RA) are focusing on the theme titled "Worship in the power of the Holy Spirit for this year".

Our Goal
The worship of God must be in spirit and in truth, this is God's requirement. John 4:23-24.

What happened before king David received the word of God through prophet Gad?
He carried out a census of the Israelites against God's will. 2 Sam 24:1-4

The Lord’s verdict
The Lord sent pestilence in a day, 70, 000 men died from Dan to Beersheba!

But when the angel stretched out his hand against Jerusalem to destroy it, the Lord stopped the evil as a result of His mercy. Vs 15-16

Consequence of David’s sin
In chapter 24 of 2 Samuel from verse 12 forward, the Lord sent His word to the kind that he should choose one of the punishments bellow as a consequence of his disobedience:

7 years of famine in the land
3 months of fleeing before the enemies

3 days of pestilence in the land.

David’s reaction
David preferred to fall into God's hand than man's hands because he believed God is merciful. Vs 14

David touched God with his response!
Vs 17: David was genuine, direct and sincere in his repentance

3 perspectives of Christian worship
Worship as a demand from God. Vs 18-19

Worship as a diligent service. Vs 19-20

Worship as a demonstration of God’s power. Vs 25

Every church must endeavour to promote true worship and commit itself to worshiping in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our worship is not complete without diligent service to the Lord.

Combination of true and sincere worship with diligent service will surely result in the practical demonstration of the power God

Thank You Lord for Your word Ps 107:20

Lord, deliver me from the punishment of disobedience, evil lineage and bad leadership by Your mercy in Jesus name. Eze 18:1-4, Lam 5:7, 2 Cor 5:17

Lord Jesus, continue to guide me with Your Spirit in order not to put my followers and family into an undeserved punishment and trouble. Isaiah 59:21, Ps 37:25

Make me a true worshipper according to Your standard Oh Lord. John 4:23

Lord let my diligence and sacrifices in true worship yield miraculous work of God in my life and all that is mine in Jesus name. Heb 11:6

Thank You Jesus for answered prayers 1 John 5:14

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