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    Car decal Geek Welcome to the Geek! Car Decal Geek that is. C’mon in and have a look around. We are not your average car decal site. We slaved for minutes trying to come up with awesome, fun and quirky decals. We DON’T HAVE Calvin peeing on a Ford symbol, or NASCAR racing numbers. What we DO HAVE is freaking awesome decals for Zombie lovers, Bacon Lovers, Bigfootaphiles, Scuba Divers, Mustache Wearers, Lizard Lovers, Scientists, Hillbillies, Drunkards, Herpetologists, Girls That Run Like Girls and a gazillion other cool, weird and awesome car decals. Here at the Geek, we only use the highest quality weather-proof vinyl that is guaranteed to withstand high temperatures, rain, snow, hurricanes, alien invasions and the zombie apocalypse. We try to add cool new decals all the time, so check back often. Have a suggestion, drop us a line and tell us about it. Want a custom car or wall decal sticker? Let us know what you’re looking for and we can do it.
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