just some random girl who makes video game music ;)<br />
<br />
basically what i want to do is create an easily accessible portfolio of sorts.. something i can direct people to when they ask about the music that i make. i was using utube for that, but i hate hate hate utube, so im exploring other options /:)<br />
<br />
if this worx out imma prolly upload some of my older music samples soon :O<br />
<br />
songs r available on request in semi-mastered version or more raw/unmastered version for ppl that like to do their own tweaks.. for some reason the audio i upload to here sounds kinda worbley and lo-fi.. the actual files sound better :O

Debrabonde`s Uploads

  • ȸ - waterway this was the first song i ever made by request :O remember: all music is best with head phones.. i used sfx samples in this one from freesound.org http://www.freesound.org/people/mich3d/sounds/12654/ http://www.freesound.org/people/digifishmusic/sounds/43760/
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  • ȸ - march of the fabric ants my 2nd song ever :O
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  • ȸ - climbing mountains my friend wrote the first two measures just to show me how the new stuff worked.. then i wrote the rest from there :O
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  • ȸ - emergence this is the 'proper' version of the song i up loaded to test this site with :p two versions available on request: this 1 and the more raw / less mastered version if u want to do ur own tweaks
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  • testing just testing this service :O if this worx out imma prolly fill out the file info properly ;)
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