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  • 7 Plants
    7 Plants This is filled with mispronunciations, yawning and the discussion of how plants would ejaculate if they had a human reproduction system that included stigmas. What can I say. Its a fun time.
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  • 5 Reproduction
    5 Reproduction This was the pilot episode of me reading my biology notes, that garnered a moderate/luke-warm reaction. Some people liked it and it continued. In this episode I describe what the reproduction systems look like and talk about the lovely process of puberty.
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  • 6 Human Health and Physiology (Part 1)
    6 Human Health and Physiology (Part 1) There are special guests (who may actually know what they are talking about) and lots of digestion related jokes... and by digestion related jokes I mean high-brow poop jokes. Its going to get crazy.
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