Diaries of Haiti
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Diaries of Haiti by Charles II Gauvin
1) Inspiration by Kerri Chandler
it feels like months have past since the 7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti. The world’s response to Haiti’s cry for help was spontaneous. Tremendous efforts are put together for the rescue and recovery phase. Many donated money, some people invested time and effort and others felt the need to go back to lend a hand. While some had no choice to leave, I was one of many inspired to go back. Now, one might ask me where this Inspiration comes from. I tell them that I am Haitian.

2) Pride by Osunlade featuring Nadirah Shakoor
to be Haitian doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be born in the country. It is based on a persons’ upbringing, values and ethics. It can be the way you talk, eat or dance. To be Haitian is simply a culture one chooses to adopt. If you know what the Haitian culture is about you will definitely understand the Haitian Pride.

3) Be Grateful by Jovonn
we are all victims from the circumstances and despite the current situation in Haiti the nation is still patiently waiting for international intervention. The vivid images displayed on CNN are not as chocking as to when you see them with your own eyes. As I walked through the streets of the capital I once knew, I saw collapsed infrastructures, corpses and people bathing and sleeping on the streets of Port-au-Prince. I also saw people chanting, praying, smiling and helping one another. We have lost over 230 000 brothers and sisters but as a nation we should Be Grateful to be given another chance to rebuild a better Haiti. The time is now so let’s cease this opportunity.

4) Even Though by Black Coffee
Rome was not built in one day and the same will be for Haiti’s future. It will take a lot of time and patience just to restore the little we once had. Even Though we have suffered for so many years, we remain hopeful and strong. We are looking forward to better days to come. Let’s all unite to paint a positive picture for Haiti.

5) All kinds of people by Jihad Muhammad
Some people come up with ideas. Some people are able to fund projects. Some people are good leaders and others hard workers. We absolutely need All kinds of people to paint this positive picture I dream for Haiti. Neither one man, nor one country with is able to achieve this for us. In order to be good leaders we have to first learn how to follow. Let us learn from others willing to help us.

6) Promise Land by Roland Clark
what is Haiti to me? It is “La perle des Antilles”. It is a country where every Christmas Holiday and or Carnival season we go to rejoice and celebrate amongst family and friends. It is a place where a minute can last hours. It’s a timeless gateway of relaxation. It is not everybody’s Mecca but to me it is my Promise Land. A land filled with natural resources and ours to discover.

7) The Light by Raw Artistic Soul featuring Ursula Rucker
one of the man-made resources mostly needed is electricity, an important form of energy. An energy that is scarce just like the nations professional resources to set Haiti back to its feet. Without this energy how will we see The Light? Without the nations’ professional resources who will carry The Light? If you look in the mirror you will find your answer.

8) Jou Sa by Jephté Guillaume
Unfortunately, I do not have the answer to every question but I know the day “Jou Sa” will come where Haiti will be a better place for all of us. We will make a difference one day at a time. Our joint efforts will be rewarded and we will all see the fruits of our labour when “Jou Sa” comes for us to go back home. I am looking forward to “Jou Sa”.

9) Set them free by Kenny Bobien
the day has come for us to take a stand and fight once more for our freedom. If in 1804 our ancestors gave us our independence then what am I referring to? Who are the oppressors preventing our nations’ growth? We are always quick to blame others but we have failed Haiti. We are mentally enslaved and unable to provide for our own growth. It is time to create different systems in order to build a better future. We have to Set them free by being better leaders to our nation. We have to devise a plan for education to everybody and ways to abolish poverty. Our current system was not the best and it is time to let go of the old and in with the new.

10) How do I let go? by Dennis Ferrer
as the saying goes: “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks”. That is not the case for Haiti because we are in the process of change. It’s hard to let go of a way of life that has been there ever since the birth of our country. So How do I let go? We have to embrace what the world is prepared to offer us and filter out the flaws of our current system. We can all better ourselves for Haiti.

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