Who is D R Standley:

Though now legally blind, D R Standley doesn’t let that stop him or get him down. He is still fully involved in life, his family and friends. The truth is, that if not for having to retire due to his vision he would probably still be working sixty or more hours a week in the IT industry, and thus, be unable to find time for writing all the things that have been rolling around in his head for so many years.
To some extent he has always gotten lost in thought, while driving, sitting alone, staring at computer screens, and the like. But, when lost there, his thoughts have often spurred him to laugh or cry internally at the images pulled forth. For him that is the creative process, and it is where many of the stories come back from memories or from thoughts that are spurred by them.
Though now limited visually, he still enjoys time with family and friends. Beautiful places, vacations, fires and stories around them and especially children’s innocent and amusing views on things. So, he really likes to be around his nieces, nephews and grand children to listen to them. Even though his kids are all grown now, he enjoys them too. Family is important to him.
He and his wife live in a small town on the North Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. It affords them beautiful vistas, a full four season of weather and pleanty of places to walk, hike and enjoy. He especially enjoys the Olympic National Park and spends much time there especially during the long bright and beautiful days of summer. It is nice to live somewhere where the sun doesn’t set until nearly ten at night in the summer and rises at four in the morning.
D R Standley especially enjoys writing stories that evoke emotion. And part of this is due to his philosophy on life. The thought that life is just not as sweet unless you can feel it deeply. Thus, his favorite quote of all time came from Jim Valvano, you might recognize it…
“If you laugh, you think and you cry, that’s a full day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.” – Jim Valvano
So thru his written works D R Standley is trying to enrich not only his own life, but that of his readers too. Enabeling them to have something special vicariously thru storys, and then tangible when they share them with others, especially those that they love.

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    Story 5 - Mike Falls In Love Audio Book File of Story 5, entitled Mike Falls in Love. From the yet unreleased 3rd volume of the Don't Be Like Mike series of books by D R Standley http://www.drstandleyauthor.com As read by Waye Champion
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