Top 10 Acoustic Guitars for Under $1000

Oh, the sweet smell of premium! Everyone may not see the guitar in this category a high-end one, but spending $1000 on an acoustic guitar is a big deal to most of us. Fortunately, the guitars we have in our chart ensure a penny spent on them is not lost. They give you a lot more than a grand’s worth of tone, feel and design. Our chart covers stage-worthy electronics, exotic woods, made-in-America, and professional grade performance. Perhaps $1000 is … Read More

The Essential Equipment for your Podcast and Music Production Studio in 2017

How do you get started in music or podcasting? Well the first thing you’ll need is equipment, and there’s a lot of it. Of course, you don’t need to spend your entire wad of cash on the top of the line stuff. With a little shopping around, you can get a really nice studio that serves you well. No matter what your budget, you’ll need a list of essential music production equipment. So here it is. Essential Music Production Equipment … Read More