Great Songs About Gambling

While it may not be obvious, gambling and music have a connection. Maybe they’re not friends, but
acquaintances might be an adequate description. Well, music is about emotions, it’s a device to put you
in a certain mood. Gambling isn’t all about money, it’s an emotional roller-coaster, a rush, and music
creates an atmosphere that puts you in a winning mindset.

For decades, gambling has been a source of inspiration for musicians, from Vegas performers like Sinatra
and Elvis to current day hip hop artists. Heck, if you’ve ever been to a casino you know that they use
music to enhance the experience.

Now, if you find yourself on a casino floor, you’ll notice it. However, today, gambling is moving into the
digital realm. Online casinos are taking over. And, with amazing visuals, they also use catchy tunes and
audio effects that pop to grip your attention. With features such as free spins, bonus rounds, and
progressive jackpots, it’s no wonder that people are preferring to play casino games online.
Before we start listing off the tunes, just know, we consciously stayed away from classic such as Ace of
Spades, Viva Las Vegas and Poker Face.

Shape of My Heart – Sting

I bet you never knew that this one was about gambling? See what I did there?
Likely one of Sting’s most famous songs propelled into popularity by the great Luc Besson flick – Leon.
This song was the fifth single from the album – Ten Summoner’s Tales. It was co-written by guitarist
Dominic Miller.

If you’ve never analyzed the lyrics carefully, you probably never became aware that it tells the story of a
poker player who plays to better understand the mystery of fate.

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot – Jerry Reed

If you’re a youngster, you might not know of Jerry. Well, shame on you. The man was big back in the
day, and his name can be found in multiple halls of fame.

One of his greatest hits was – When You’re Hot, You’re Hot. In 1971, the song peaked at number one on
the country charts and stayed there for five weeks, selling over one million units in the U.S alone.
The lyrics describe the self-belief a craps player has after he’s been arrested, telling the officer that his
winning ways will go on, because – “When you’re hot, you’re hot.”

Desperado – The Eagles

Ah, the Eagles. If you’ve ever listened to Bret Easton Ellis’ podcast, you know that each episode ends
with – “what’s your opinion on the Eagles?”. It might seem like a harmless question, but it’s a very
contentious one.

You might not think the band with the best-selling album of all time would cause so many arguments,
but they do. Their second album – Desperado, released in 1973, contains the classic by the same name.

It’s not a song about gambling per se, but it’s such a great tune, we had to include it. I guess we’ve made
our stance clear, we stand with the Eagles, so, “don’t you draw the Queen of Diamonds, boy”.

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