Famous Musicians That Gamble

Many might say that living the Rockstar lifestyle is a gamble in itself. The energetic performances, the long nights, the travel, and we must mention the vices. Few have gone through the arduous journey of being an onstage performer without having to fall back on a vice or two. Drugs and alcohol being popular choices.

Being a musician is work, oftentimes it’s hard work. From the pressure of creating something to the anticipation of how people will react to it, to performing every night. Most need something to take the edge off, to relax, experience some thrill and excitement.

So, it’s no surprise that many famous musicians gamble. While you used to have to hit Vegas or Atlantic City, enter the casino floor and throw a die while you’re at the craps table, that’s a thing of the past. Today, everything is digital, and you can play casino games online.

Online casinos offer such a wide selection of games that no land-based establishment can compete. And, with perks such as demo rounds, free spins, and bonuses, who could resist? There are even progressive jackpots. The numbers keep climbing until someone takes it all home.

Back in the day, musicians, like everyone else had to walk to a casino to test their luck. Most still do.

Gladys Knight

Seven-time Grammy winner and “Empress of Soul”, Knight has admitted that she battled an addiction with baccarat that lasted more than a decade.

In the 1980s, after losing more than $60,000 at a baccarat table in one night, she knew she needed help and had to quit. In her autobiography – Between Each Line of Pain and Glory: My Life Story, she openly talked about her problem and how she joined Gamblers Anonymous to begin her rehab.

Scott Ian

If you’re younger, you’ve probably never heard of, or have forgotten about Anthrax. You might think it’s an infectious disease, and you’re right, but it’s also a heavy metal band. They used to be pretty big, one of the “Big Four”.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s another bit of info you might not be aware of, frontman Ian Scott loves poker. Enthralled by the game since childhood, he decided to take it seriously in 2016. He started off by winning the VH1 Rock & Roll Celebrity Tournament.

In interviews, he’s stated that he mainly plays online now, but has also competed in the World Series of Poker. Winning more than $21,000 in one event!

Lemmy Kilmister

Is the last name even necessary? Lemmy was really into poker. Big surprise, huh? He only wrote the most famous song associated with the card game. Ace of Spades.

Anyone that has watched the documentary “Lemmy: The Movie”, has seen Dave Vanian’s interview where he talks about Lemmy’s gambling habits and how he would frequent a certain London club, where he would play slots and poker.

His ritual was pulling the machine’s lever in-between sips of jack and coke. Even if that’s not true, you want it to be, because that just sounds so Lemmy-like.

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