5 Types of Music That Increases Your Productivity, According To Science

music to increase productivity

Even when you don’t understand the lyrics, music has a way of bringing out the best emotions from you. That’s one reason YourListen has become so popular. It’s the music! Apart from helping you relax, music makes you cry and feel alive. It turns out that music can also help to up your productivity levels.

Music plays an important role in setting the tone of your surroundings and putting you in the right mood, whether you have a party or are just relaxing after work. In this day and age when people spend time working on computer screens, music acts as an escape from dull tasks and other external distractions.

What’s The Science behind Music and Productivity?

Some useful research on the effects of listening to music and productivity has been conducted at the University of Miami by Teresa Lesiuk, according to results of the study, people who listened to music did their tasks faster and had more ideas than the rest, overall.

But not all types of music will help you improve your levels of productivity. There is evidence to suggest that popular music could interfere with information processing and reading comprehension.

So it is not every type of music that will help you enhance your trading discipline. It is all dependent on the type of music and the prevailing situation.

What Types Of Music Don’t Work?

It is hard to concentrate on your work while listening to talking people. Similarly, lyrical music can be a distraction when you have a task to accomplish. After all, music is a form of multitasking where you have to keep switching back and forth between the music and the task at hand. As such, music ceases from something you listen to in the background to a distraction.

But it has everything to do with your habits and type of music you are listening to. According to the findings of one Dr. Haake, the following are some of the factors that determine whether music will prove distractive:

  • Lyrics. Music with lyrics draws your attention to the message in the song thus interrupting your thought process.
  • Complex music structure. You will be more distracted when listening to music with a more complex structure. An example is Muffin Man’ by Frank Zappa. The better option is simple music like Leaving on a Jet Plane’ by John Denver.
  • The difficulty of tasks. Tasks that require more focus and thought may prove difficult to do efficiently when listening to music.
  • Listening Habits. If you are into the habit of working while listening to music, there is no way you will be distracted. Those who like a quiet working environment will find it difficult to concentrate.
  • Control. When forced to listen to a certain kind of music, you will end up being distracted than if you had a choice in it.


Of course, not all the good types of music work the same for everyone. But there are 5 types of music which are good for your listening needs while. Now a look at the effect of this music to you and others.

What’s The Best Type of Music?

music and productivity

1. Nature Music

One of the ways to enhance your concentration and cognitive function is to listen to sounds of nature. Sounds such as that of rustling leaves, rainfall, and flowing water all have a soothing effect. However, animal noises and birdcalls have a jarring effect and can be disruptive.

2. Classical Music

There is evidence to suggest that listening to classical music from composers like Handel, Vivaldi, and Bach can help to increase your concentration and improve your mood. You may try Four Seasons’, a quick tempo classic from Vivaldi.

3. Epic Music

Listening to epic music can lift your spirits to the extent of feeling like you could change the world. Apart from having an empowering effect, it also lifts you up. It is good to listen to epic music when you feel tired and without inspiration.

4. Ambient Soundtracks

Are you feeling stressed at the workplace? If yes’, then you should try ambient music. It is so good anyone can listen to it without feeling like he or she is being distracted.

5. Video Game Music

In video games, music is used to enhance the gaming experience. It’s the music which puts you in the mood to evade enemy attacks and dodge fire. Good examples include SimCity Soundtracks as well as the Bastion Soundtrack.

Other Music Types

Apart from the types of music discussed here, there are others you should listen to while working. They include jazz, blues or meditation music. You can find tons of music of any genre at Your Listen. To block out your chatty office neighbors, you could try white noise’. The key is experimentation. If it is soft and mellow, it will make it easy for you to focus.

When all is said and done, silence can also enhance your trading discipline.

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