Keys to Music Promotion

From indie music to music within the top industry players, everyone has their difficulties. The music biz is not easy. But many have been able to make a living doing exactly what they enjoy, and perhaps that’s your goal as well. Well, we want you to succeed! And we are here to help.
What does it take to succeed in sound? Here are some of the basics.

Music Promotion Key #1 – A Great Product

The first thing you’ll need is a good product. Especially for indie musicians, you have to be doubly good to stand out from the crowd. So how do you make sure your music or podcasts or other audio tracks are good enough??

Simply put: sometimes you don’t.

All you can do is continue to improve your craft and get yourself out there. If you are a musician, then keep making badass music and make it better every time.

Do you think Michael Jordan stopped trying to improve his game? Name any great singer or leader and think about how they changed throughout their career. I guarantee they continued to work on their skills. The greatest and most successful people in the world try very hard to stay ahead of the competition. If they can’t stay ahead, then they often fall behind.

Let’s look at some ways to keep growing and progressing.learn the guitar

Take lessons!

If you play (or want to play) the piano, check this out: Pianoforall. Keyboards and piano are some of the most impressive instruments to play. First, a piano sounds great all by itself. Second, you can play almost anything on a piano. It’s very versatile. A basic understanding of the piano is a must for every musician.

If you want to sing better, try this one: the Superior Singing Method. Singing is a core skill and everyone can benefit from lessons. Like a singing instructor once told me, anyone can become an average singer and average singers can be really good with just a few lessons.

If you want to learn how to shred on the guitar with monster riffs, this program kills! Guitar on the Spot. For this program, it helps if you have a basic understanding of the guitar. It teaches some theory and then show you how to improvise, play along with any song you come across, and generally rip it up. It’s like taking a course in conversational language. It helps you jam with others a whole lot better. After this course, you can become “the guy” that can play any song on on the guitar. It’s pretty impressive!

Music Promotion Key #2 – A Great Look

When you have some music that is ready for the limelight, it’s time to package it up. Packaging is very important because it’s the visual representation of your sound. Unfortunately, people do judge a book by it’s cover. So let’s give them a great cover! Here is a website where you can find photos, many of which are free!

Also, if you’re looking for art, then you can find some great designers on the internet that will do the work for you at a reasonable cost.

Music Promotion Key #3 – Accessibility

Your music must be accessible. That’s why you need to have it uploaded everywhere you can, including Make it easy to find your music. Your fans are out there, so put yourself in front of them.

Be on YourListen and everywhere else.

Be everywhere you can be.

Music Promotion Key #4 – Market Yourself

Social marketing – this is a must. You have to be on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you can reach all the fans you will be getting when they hear your music! Be active and authentic. People will want to know all about you.

Off-line – There are lots of things you can do off-line as well. This is important because people will want to see what you look like and  meetups, networking, share. You never know when you may find yourself in the right place at the right time.

We can help! Check out our promotions page or send us an email and we will hook you up. There are a lot of things we offer that are completely free of charge. Just let us know what you need.

Maybe the Most Important Key to Promoting Your Music – Believe!

Showbiz of any kind is tough. It doesn’t matter if it’s Broadway, television, movies, or music. It requires continued perseverance through thick and thin. Believe in yourself and keep at it!

And if you need any help making things happen, take a look at this. The practice of visualization and focusing your thoughts will help you along your journey. If you can concentrate your energies on your goal, you are half way there.

The 15 Minute Manifestation

Now go do it!

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