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I still remember when MP3s first hit the scene. It was a long time ago and they weren’t all that easy to find. Plus, it took a long time to download all of them. But hey, they were free mp3 music downloads, so no one was really complaining. Well, actually the music companies complained.

The mp3 revolution started way back when the tech boom was still going. I seem to remember them gaining in popularity in the very late 90s, like 1999. A friend of mine at work told me about his new obsession. He was logging on to the internet and finding songs to download for free. He could find almost anything, although they weren’t always very good recordings and you had to search around a little.

Back then, we were burning them to CD-Rs, recordable CDs. However, we couldn’t listen to them anywhere because care stereos weren’t equipped to read them. But it didn’t really matter to us. Then Napster got hit and everything changed.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to today and we have a very different picture. Everyone, mostly, is paying for their music again! That’s great! the likes of:


have brought order back to the music world.

The question now remains: can we get free mp3 music downloads anywhere? And the answer is yes! You can get them right here at YourListen!

YourListen is a site that has been developed for independent artists that want to get their music noticed. People come here to discover new music and to hear what their peers are creating. This is a website for musicians and so there has to be music to listen to.

We get tons of people visiting our site from around the world and they are looking for your music. Or they are looking for music to listen to, just like you!

We have music of all genres, podcasts, sound effects, commercials, whatever you are looking for! Take a look at just search by tag or by artist. Click here and see what you find!

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