The Best Earbuds In 2018 For Every Budget

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Best Earbuds below $300

Oh, man! These earbuds are truly badass. These are truly premium sets that will have your tunes coming alive in your head. If you’re an audiophile, you should really check these out.


Westone W20 Dual Driver

Westone W20The Westone W20 Dual Driver is a great and affordable earbud which offers a fantastic sound that gets you a great vibe than its pairs at that price. The world’s most affordable dual driver earbud with useful bass and high-frequency drivers. It features an attractive carrying container, replaceable cord, and interchangeable faceplates. You additionally receive five different dimensions of ear tips for the perfect fit. The cable comes with volume control for iPhones. However, you can get an Android version separately.

Shure SE425-V

Shure SE425A comfortable earphone to recommend for everyone is the Shure SE425-V in-ear headphone, which is also dual drivers with the frequency range from 20Hz – 19kHz. This is very nice-sounding earphone that sounds great compared to some at the same price. As you can see, it comes with a range of sizes and accessories. If you want accurate, reference-quality sound at a reasonable price, check these out.

Best Earbuds Under $200

The ‘under $200’ section is where you’ll find a great balance between sound quality and value.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H3

Bang & Olufsen BeoplayThe Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H3 ANC earpiece are custom-built from a single piece of aluminum, making them very light and sturdy. They tone down the bass a little, producing more natural sound. However, if you would prefer a big bass to be sure to compare the similarly-priced in-ear Audio Technica. The B&O earbuds include active noise cancellation technology, in-line controls, and look great. They include memory foam ear tips and four different sizes of silicone ear tips so that you can use whatever works and best fits.

There is also a version without noise cancellation that costs a little less and comes in a few different colors.


V Moda ZnV-MODA is well-known for their award-winning headphones and unique designs. The V-MODA Zn is an excellent in-ear option for them that you can get with either a 3-button or 1-button in-line control. They get you a fantastic airy sound of a high-end open headphone in an in-ear form. Also, they come with detachable sport ear hooks so you can use them at work, on the train, and on your run.

V-MODA stress-tests everything to extreme levels, so you know these will last and not fall apart. Plus, you get a 2-year warranty.

Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2

Bowers and WilkesBowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 are designed to be used with iPhones, and the loop you see is designed to fit into the ridge inside your ear. You’ll get a 2-year warranty and good expansive sound.


Audio-Technica ATH-CKS1000

Audio TechnicaThe Audio-Technica ATH-CKS1000 in-ear headphones are marketed as “solid bass” – clearly emphasizing the low end. They have a smooth and easy to listen to quality sounds. The unique design has two air chambers that help to increase the bass output while still keeping the sound quality intact.

They came with a 2.6-foot extension cord that also has a microphone so you can use for phone calls or recording audio, four sizes of ear tips, and a carrying case.

Westone W10 Single Driver

westone w10I mentioned the Westone W20 earlier, and for about $100 less, the Westone W10 Single Driver offers a great value. Everything is the same except for the one driver vs two. What is also inspiring about it is the inclusion of a microphone and button for picking calls and skipping tracks.

Best Earbuds Under $100

1MORE Triple Driver

1More triple driverThese are REALLY popular earbuds. Probably because the 1MORE Triple Driver has three drivers for under $100. That means you’ll have incredibly accurate sound reproduction and clarity. They are perfect for listening on the go! The sound is great no matter what genre of music you are in to. They have also been tuned by a Grammy Award-winning sound engineer and are THX certified. Accessories include a bunch of different ear tips, a nice case, and in-line controls.

They also have an Apple Lightning version with an updated 5-in-1 controller, although that bumps up the price a bit.

Bose SoundSport

bose soundsportThe Bose SoundSport are well-known wired earbuds that are designed to work out with. The bass is dynamic and punchy with a reasonable and realistic body, they are sweat and weather-resistant, have inline controls for an iPhone or Android (separate models), and come with unique ear tips that help them stay put. it works with all types of genres, and the bass is exciting and energetic in EDM.

Bose offers the SoundSport in a bunch of cool colour combos as well.

Marshall Mode EQ

Marshall Mode EQMarshall Mode EQ lets you select between two different sound profiles: EQ 1 for bass-heavy sound and EQ 2 for a brighter sound with more emphasis on mids and highs. It managed to have everything and sounds engaging, and the high does not disappoint with their tones, they come with a right-angle “L” 3.5mm jack, four sizes of ear tips, in-line remote and microphone.

You can as well get a version without the EQ settings for about half the price (see ‘under $50’ section).

Shure SE215-K

Shure SE215These are another VERY popular set of earbuds. Look at all the reviews on Amazon! The Shure SE215-K is a single-driver sound isolating earbuds with a detachable cable. This earpiece is perfect partner for a noisy surrounding, blocking out screaming children and make conversation with ease, it is meant to be wear with the cable over the ear (and usually behind you) – that makes them perfect for Facebook Live or other similar live video applications, so they aren’t distracting in your shot.

Sennheiser Momentum In Ear

Sennheiser MomentumThe over-ear model of the Sennheiser Momentum was mention in our closed-back studio headphone article.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear is genuinely a great earphone when it comes to noise cancellation, sometimes the silence can be unsafe, and you will want a little noise in, they come in both iOS and Android versions with a stainless steel housing, 2-year warranty, 3-button remote, and microphone.

They come with four sizes of ear tips, a nice padded case, and a 1.3-meter cable with a right-angle headphone jack.


urbeatsThere is no denying the benefits of cutting sweet music: study says listening to music while working out gives you more endurance raising your endurance by up to 15 percent. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Beats because you can usually find higher quality headphones within the same price range as Beats, but they deserve mention here. urBeats were made from a robust metal housing, come in a variety of colors, and come with in-line controls and microphone.

Best Earbuds Under $50

SoundMAGIC E10

soundmagicSoundMAGIC E10 wired in-ear earphones they are highly rated for the price (under $50) it comes in 5 different colors. The housing is made up of metal, and you have a full frequency response from 15Hz to 22Khz no in-line controls here. It is not just bulky over-ear that get noise cancellation tech; this tiny earphone does too. Throw in excellent sound quality; you have got a pair of classic all-rounders.

Marshall Mode

Marshall ModeLooking for a more bass oriented earphone with upfront and pleasant sound, and without losing on the more beautiful details and comfort, you need Marshal Mode. Marshall Mode is the non-EQ version that comes in all black, with a single-button remote and microphone.

Best Earbuds Under $30

Senzer S10

senzer s10Senzer S10 is a highly-rated pair of in-ear earphones for under $30. With a robust metal housing, great sound, in-line controls, and a bunch of size options for earbuds, this is a killer value. Offers a great sound, they provide engaging music and enjoyable listening experience. If you have a budget or want something that you would be cool losing– These pairs are great.


AYGLast is the AKG Y20 in-ear headphones. They come with 8mm drivers, with three sizes of silicone sleeves, and a carrying pouch. You can find them in many various colors as well. For below $30 you can’t see this level of details.

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