Top 10 Acoustic Guitars for Under $1000

Seagull Artist MosaicOh, the sweet smell of premium! Everyone may not see the guitar in this category a high-end one, but spending $1000 on an acoustic guitar is a big deal to most of us. Fortunately, the guitars we have in our chart ensure a penny spent on them is not lost. They give you a lot more than a grand’s worth of tone, feel and design.

Our chart covers stage-worthy electronics, exotic woods, made-in-America, and professional grade performance. Perhaps $1000 is too stretching for you? There are some incredible guitars for hundreds less. Look at our list for the quality guitar matching your budget.

For many musicians, the guitar is their best friend. It’s the go-to instrument for small gatherings and can also be plugged in for larger shows. It’s arguably the cornerstone of any band.

If you are performing, you will want a guitar that has a solid body and can hook up to an electric amp. This list will have you covered. We present instruments with incredible quality and are cost conscious at the same time.

So for those who are still interested in seeing what this post is about to unveil, read on for something special. We will show you the steel-strings works of art that are worthy of being your sidekick.

10 Top Acoustic Guitars Under $1000:

ImageAcoustic Guitar SummaryCheck Price
 Seagull Artist MosaicSeagull Artist Mosaic    A slightly lesser known brand than Martin and Taylor, but they really make quality guitarsCheck prices at Amazon
 Breedlove Solo ConcertSmaller, newer company that makes high quality guitars.Check prices at Amazon
 Epiphone MasterbiltThe Masterbilt series is the best solid wood construction you can buy for the money. These are an excellent value!Check prices at Amazon
 Yamaha GuitarYamaha A Series A3M  Another very reliable guitar from Yamaha with a consistently pleasing tone.Check Amazon prices
Seagull MaritimeSeagull Maritime SWS SG  This is another reasonably priced, solid wood guitar with a great soundCheck Amazon prices
 Blueridge BR-160-Historic-Dreadnought-GuitarThe Blueridge guitars are very popular and sound fantastic. They look cool, too. These have great reviews on AmazonCheck prices on Amazon
 Taylor Guitars 114CETaylor is very well known for their quality, but you’ll pay for itCheck Amazon prices
 Ovation Standard Elite 2778  Very recognizable Ovation design. Very pretty red wood finish. These aren’t quite as popular as some of the others, but a nice sound nonethelessCheck prices on Amazon
 Fender Paramount PM-3 StandardFender, better known for their electrics, also makes a nice solid wood acoustic that’s affordably priced.Check prices on Amazon
 Martin DRS2 Road Series  Martin is a classic brand that everyone flocks to. Just look at the reviews. They are amazing instruments.Check the prices AND the reviews for this one

Seagull Artist Mosaic

Seagull Artist Mosaic

The Artist Mosaic, this is what you should spend your money on if you want a new basic instrument that is of high quality and outstanding tone or perhaps an upgrade. This guitar is made with all solid wood acoustic with mahogany back, sides and with a cedar top. The rosewood fingerboard with mahogany neck gives pleasure while playing whether you are picking lead lines or you are strumming chords.

The tone of the guitar is warm without lacking clarity. It has a big voice that does not overwhelm the response of the base. The hardware of the guitar is made with good quality which gives the guitar a nice tune. Seagull has been upping their games in making nice instruments, these Artist series are topnotch.

Breedlove Solo Concert

Breedlove Guitars

There is something missing from the side of this great guitar although the pictures do not reveal it. But Breedlove is not saving on materials, so, you do not need to panic. In replacement to the missing piece, the brand has given it a second soundhole which makes the player hear what the audience hears. The top of the guitar is made with a solid red cedar and the back and sides with laminated rosewood which gives the guitar a balanced and a warm tone. It also features a pinless bridge, L.R. Baggs electronics, a gig bag, and a built-in tuner.

Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE

Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone may be known for entry-level models, but they are dedicated performers in this higher-end market – with more attention given to this electro-acoustic Masterbilt DR-500MCE. It features a solid mahogany on sides and back, some beautiful detailing across the guitar and the top made with a solid Sitka spruce. A performance worthy piece with a one-piece SlimTaper D-shaped mahogany neck, 20 medium frets and a rosewood fretboard. This is a superb piece which has an eSonic-2 stereo preamp with a built-in turner leading to a balanced and as well a bold system.

Yamaha A Series A3M

Yamaha GuitarA3M electro-acoustic is another interesting guitar on this chart, part of Yamaha’s performance-focused A Series. Although this dreadnought feels high-end in an incredible way when playing, its body design is elegant. The body is made of a solid wood, the top with Sitka spruce while the rest of the body is made of mahogany. The materials and craftsmanship of this piece equal quality. Regarding the plugging in, its S.R.T. system features both mic and piezo pickup input, and the performance is excellent.

Seagull Maritime SWS SG

Seagull Maritime

This is an incredible piece. The acronym SWS stands for “Solid Wood Series”, the SG means “Semi-gloss”. The sides and spruce top is made of high-quality mahogany. It has an incredible satin finish, and the guitar resonates very well all thanks to its thinness.

The guitar ages in a very natural way and this is why the piece has a better tone over time. This guitar is for all the lovers and fans of seagull waiting for an upgrade from the S6. The sound is loud and also clear. This will not actually surprise anyone who has had the chance to play one of Godin Group of companies instruments as they are taking over the acoustic guitar market gradually.

Blueridge BR-160

BR-160 with no doubt deserves a spot on this list and as well your attention. Its aesthetics and designs are patterned like the Twentieth Century pre-war guitars. BR-160 is in Dalmatian tortoise style pickguard, herringbone binding and open back tuners.

The top features a quartersawn solid Sitka spruce, the back has solid Indian rosewood as well as the sides. The thin neck is made of mahogany and the tone suits folk, bluegrass and country. The guitar has a tinted top which gives it an aged look and also to match the vintage styling.

Taylor Guitars 114CE

The body shape of this piece features Taylor’s Grand Auditorium which makes it a demanding, decisive tonal machine. This piece also features Taylor’s Expression System 2 pickup. The upper bout of the body has a tone and volume knob, the solid spruce top has a cutaway to catch notes on the higher frets while the sides and back are sapele laminated.

Every string produces clear tone, the size and the sound of the body will clear your doubt. Considering both affordability and playability, getting this guitar is now more accessible.

Ovation Standard Elite 2778

This guitar is a standard and stage performer featuring quality pickup system and tone, Ovation’s distinctive multi soundhole with a deep contoured body shape. The top features AA solid spruce, while the back and sides feature Lyrachord composite. It has five-piece satin finished mahogany rosewood fretboard neck and 17 frets along the whole neck which paves way for extra five frets on the treble side. The plugged-in sounds feature an OCP-1K and a pro-quality OP-Preamp pickup system.

Fender Paramount PM-3 Standard

This Fender Paramount PM-3 standard sits between a dreadnought and parlor when it comes to projection and comfort. This piece has a solid wood construction, the top features a solid Sitka spruce, while the sides and back feature a solid mahogany, each of them is finished in a high gloss. The mahogany neck comes with a 20-fret rosewood fretboard and a comfortable C shape which makes it beautiful to play. This piece is amazing for singers and songwriters.

Martin DRS2 Road Series

This is a dreadnought sized acoustic-electric guitar. It features all solid wood construction; the top is spruce while the sides and back have sapele. The hardwood neck also features 20 frets and a black richlite fingerboard. This richlite is also used for the pickguard shielding the top from overzealous playing.

The electronics are provided with controls discreetly placed in the body by Fishman Sonitone system. The tone and volume control can be accessed through the soundhole. This guitar is part of Martin’s Road Series and the price of the guitar has much to do with the name. This piece features a woody tone with a lot of chime screaming Martin!

What Can You Expect from an Acoustic Ranging From $500 to $1000?

It might not be right to call this category premium because some acoustic guitars price tens of thousands of dollars in the market – those are the true premium!

Nevertheless, this sub-$1000 is as premium as a lot of casual guitarists will be able to afford in a lifetime. This is not bad actually, considering the fact that a grand in your pocket can get you a quality guitar with beautiful style, quality tone, and some few luxuries acoustic guitars under $500 cannot give you.

Solid wood is what all these guitars have in common. Some feature all-solid-wood, some feature laminated sides and back with a solid top, which is good for travel and stability. The necks and bodies are made with excellent craftsmanship. They are unlikely to be made in American shops considering these prices, but they are still assembled by experienced luthiers, with the setups, the fit, and the finish feeling good high-end.

The hardware is also upgraded when comparing it with lower-end price series, with versatile preamps – when it is electronic acoustic – and quality electronics, well-functioning bridges and turner, saddles and bone nuts. Most of the guitars will be shipped with a case – either padded gig bag or hard-shell case.

The sound of these guitars is high-end. The actual tone depends on construction, materials, and size of the guitar. Most of these are made with quality materials. If a guitar is made with a solid wood, as the years pass by it will develop fuller and richer tone.

Bottom Line

All the guitars on this list are quality instruments that will serve you well. However, we can tell you a few things that may separate them in your mind.

If you’re looking for value, the Ephiphone Masterbilt and the Fender are going to give you really great solid body construction for a reasonable price.

If you’re looking for something unique, look at the Ovation, Breedlove, and Blueridge guitars. These are lesser found instruments that perform really well.

If you’re looking for something at the higher-end of this range, take a look at Taylor and Martin guitars. These are always high quality instruments from tried and true companies.

Hope that helps and good luck in your search for a new ax!

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