Justin Timberlake to Play the Superbowl

stadiumI don’t know who picks the halftime show at the Superbowl. The artists are never super current, maybe because they have to appeal to everyone in the whole world. They can’t just pick the latest and greatest group that has been anointed by Millenials. They also have to find someone that will appeal to the older crowd and even international audiences.

As a result, they often go with tried and true acts that were ultra popular at one time, but may not be the brightest stars right now. Interestingly, they went with Justin Timberlake this year. He’s played before. You may remember the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction? Well JT was on the other end of that.

A lot of people will love this choice, but of course there has to be some criticism. This article by Buzzfeed is really funny. Obviously the author would like to see someone else. He offers everyone except the former boy-bander.

His first choice is Britney Spears! The ex-girlfriend of JT would be a great choice, but then again you could say that for anything. Britney is always a great a choice.

However, he then goes down the list of every conceivable musician including the nuns from Sister Act the movie. Hilarious!

If you would like to read the article, click here.

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