How to Use the Playlist Feature!

The playlist feature is essential on a music website. It’s what makes it possible to listen to several songs at a time.

Here at YourListen, we’ve heard your feedback and we are so excited to show you the new playlists that we have in store! We really hope you love it!

You will now have the ability to create 3 playlists with any of the audio on the website, whether it’s a podcast or music or whatever. When you find a song you like, just click on the plus sign underneath it. Here’s a screenshot:

Add to playlist

Once you’ve created your playlist and added a song, you can find the list on your account page. You will see a button for playlists. Click there and it will list each of your playlists. You can play each song from there by clicking on the image for each song.

This is what it looks like:

playlist account page

Also, there will be a button that says “Play All Audios”. This button will take you to a screen that shows the entire playlist. You can then play them all in order with just one click! Here’s another screenshot:


You can control the songs in several ways.

We really hope that you love the playlist feature and that it gives you hours of enjoyment!


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