10 Reasons to Do an Open Mic Night

mysterious man on stageOpen mic nights are awesome for budding musicians and seasoned veterans alike. There are so many reasons to get up in front of a crowd and practice what you love. No matter what your goal in the music world, performing at open mic nights can help you get there. You can find some open mic nights here.

Here are just a few of the great benefits of open mic night.

  • It doesn’t cost anything! You can go perform for free at these things. People are there to hear you do your thing. You may not even need to schedule anything ahead of time. You could just go!
  • Build your confidence and performing skills. These are essential parts of the musician’s repertoire. Did you just think you were playing music? Sorry, there’s a lot more to entertaining than just the notes on a page.
  • Practice your new material. It’s really important to get feedback on what you do. Here is an easy way to see how people will react to your new song or story. Got a new joke to throw in your show? Try it!
  • You can practice in front of total strangers and get used to how that feels. Trying to entertain a group of people can be a strange thing at first. Sometimes people need to get some experience being up there in the lights. This is a great way to get that experience.
  • Build your network and meet other people in the same boat as you. This is a great way to meet other musicians and spend time with them. Get to know what they think and understand their strategies for success. Then you will see what’s working and what’s not. And if you want to get a band together, you can start with your fellow open mic-ers!
  • Find an audience that didn’t even know they were looking for you. People that go to open mic nights may be unsuspecting people that are simply out to have a good time. You can take them by surprise by a moving performance and turn them into fans! This new audience will become advocates for your music.
Need more reasons to do an open mic night?
  • Feed your performance addiction! When done right, performing can become a high. Why else would all the musicians in the world do it? They love music and they love seeing people react to it. If you crave the experience of being on stage, open mic nights can be a quick fix.
  • Support your local shops and venues because it’s always good to have them support you. Be nice and get to know the owners and managers of these places and they will become your biggest supporters. You can help them and they can help you. It’s a great, mutually beneficial relationship! Definitely take advantage of those connections.
  • Lastly, music starts locally and then grows globally. It doesn’t happen the other way around. So take advantage of your local resources. They are worth their weight in gold!

Hopefully, you can see how important this is. Open mic nights give countless musicians their start. Check our your local resources. You never know when one of these will lead to your next gig. Look for an open mic night here!

Good luck!

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