Free mp3 music downloads

I still remember when MP3s first hit the scene. It was a long time ago and they weren’t all that easy to find. Plus, it took a long time to download all of them. But hey, they were free mp3 music downloads, so no one was really complaining. Well, actually the music companies complained. The mp3 revolution started way back when the tech boom was still going. I seem to remember them gaining in popularity in the very late 90s, … Read More

Billboard’s Evolving View of Streaming Sites Like Spotify and Pandora

Streaming music websites like Spotify and Pandora continue to grow in popularity. They are an important part of a musician’s game plan for success. However, it can be really hard to make money on them. Even big stars like Taylor Swift have been vocal on the small amount of money that she gets when people are playing her music day in and day out. So how should you think about streaming music sites if you aren’t as big as Taylor … Read More

Justin Timberlake to Play the Superbowl

I don’t know who picks the halftime show at the Superbowl. The artists are never super current, maybe because they have to appeal to everyone in the whole world. They can’t just pick the latest and greatest group that has been anointed by Millenials. They also have to find someone that will appeal to the older crowd and even international audiences. As a result, they often go with tried and true acts that were ultra popular at one time, but … Read More

Harvey Weinstein Fallout Hits the Music Industry

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The impact of the Harvey Weinstein case has been felt far and wide. Everyone is asking how far this problem goes. And the music industry is answering. Many are saying sexual harassment and exploitation are big problems in the music industry just as it is in Hollywood. Women in the music industry are speaking out. There was a recent article from the BBC discussing how women are treated in the music industry. The BBC has a show called Victoria Derbyshire … Read More

How To Get Your Music Noticed: Calvin Harris Powerhouse Producer

Calvin Harris may be one of the biggest names in electronic dance music (EDM), but before he was a successful musician, he was Adam Richard Wiles, shelf stocker at a supermarket. Take a listen to his music here.┬áHis journey from those humble beginnings to numerous hit singles is a blueprint on how to become a successful musician. Let’s look at his past and find out how to get your music noticed, too. The Early Years of Calvin Harris Born on … Read More