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The Best Recording and Performing Microphones for 2018

When starting to record in a home studio or prepping for a gig, and you need to start getting your equipment, microphones are crucial to research. They are the one piece of equipment that you will first early on. When it comes to microphones, it’s the first question on any beginner’s mind: Which is the best mic for recording? Just ...
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The Best Earbuds In 2018 For Every Budget

Best Earbuds below $300 Oh, man! These earbuds are truly badass. These are truly premium sets that will have your tunes coming alive in your head. If you’re an audiophile, you should really check these out. Westone W20 Dual Driver The Westone W20 Dual Driver is a great and affordable earbud which offers a fantastic sound that gets you a ...
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Top 10 Acoustic Guitars for Under $1000

Oh, the sweet smell of premium! Everyone may not see the guitar in this category a high-end one, but spending $1000 on an acoustic guitar is a big deal to most of us. Fortunately, the guitars we have in our chart ensure a penny spent on them is not lost. They give you a lot more than a grand’s worth ...
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The Best Studio Headphones for 2018

A great pair of headphones makes a huge difference on your mixing and production. Studio headphones are great for getting clear tones and instrumentation, especially as studios can get pretty loud. Let’s take a look at our pick of the Best Studio Headphones you can buy!   Model   Design Frequency Sony MDR7506 CHECK PRICE Closed back 10Hz-20kHz Beyerdynamic DT770 ...
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Billboard’s Evolving View of Streaming Sites Like Spotify and Pandora

Streaming music websites like Spotify and Pandora continue to grow in popularity. They are an important part of a musician’s game plan for success. However, it can be really hard to make money on them. Even big stars like Taylor Swift have been vocal on the small amount of money that she gets when people are playing her music day ...
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Justin Timberlake to Play the Superbowl

I don’t know who picks the halftime show at the Superbowl. The artists are never super current, maybe because they have to appeal to everyone in the whole world. They can’t just pick the latest and greatest group that has been anointed by Millenials. They also have to find someone that will appeal to the older crowd and even international ...
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