How Calvin Harris Became a Powerhouse Producer and Musician

Calvin Harris may be one of the biggest names in electronic dance music (EDM), but before he was a successful musician, he was Adam Richard Wiles, shelf stocker at a supermarket. His journey from those humble beginnings to numerous hit singles is a blueprint on how to become a successful musician. The Early Years of Calvin Harris Born on January 17, 1984 in Dumfries, Scotland, which is right across the border from England, Harris went to Dumfries High School, where … Read More

How Diplo Became Mega Successful and What We Can Learn

Diplo has become one of the biggest producers in the music business. Sure, he’s very talented. That’s undeniable. However, the secret to his success is not just in his talent. He’s also traveled a long road and worked very hard to get where he is. Let’s see how he became successful in the music business and what we can learn. Beginnings Diplo was born Thomas Wesley Pentz in Tupelo, Mississipi. His interest in DJing began when he was attending Temple … Read More

How to Change Your Upload Options aka Using The Benefits of Premium Subscription

Make sure you take full advantage of the benefits of your Premium Subscription. Here’s a look at how to change the premium options on your uploaded audio tracks. It’s not difficult, but seeing it in pictures will be helpful. If you have any questions, just shoot us an email and we can help! Where to find the options? Go to your account page and find the upload button. When you click it, you’ll go to a list of your uploads. … Read More

10 Reasons to Do an Open Mic Night

Open mic nights are awesome for budding musicians and seasoned veterans alike. There are so many reasons to get up in front of a crowd and practice what you love. No matter what your goal in the music world, performing at open mic nights can help you get there. Here are just a few of the great benefits of open mic night. It doesn’t cost anything! You can go perform for free at these things. People are there to hear … Read More

Keys to Music Promotion

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From indie music to music within the top industry players, everyone has their difficulties. The music biz is not easy. But many have been able to make a living doing exactly what they enjoy, and perhaps that’s your goal as well. Well, we want you to succeed! And we are here to help. What does it take to succeed in sound? Here are some of the basics. Music Promotion Key #1 – A Great Product The first thing you’ll need … Read More