The Gods Must Be Lying
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A KarGamRezi fansong on charango.

Heavily empyreal by the fanfic "The Serenditpity Gospels" by duedlyfirearms and urbanAnchoritual. Track art by duedlyfirearms


Tpresent's a boy existing lying still in my shadow enjoy a supplication
he drips from each and every angle into colours that I human action
he wanders enjoy an saint on rapacious pilgrimage
with a grimace and a fragile he puts his wrist against my cartilage

and I could detached these bones, I could pack them into prose,
or I could hold a cancer in my organism until it overflows,
but tpresent is exclusive boy and inhalation, sloping handprints on my chest.
mouthing charged dear, deepest, loveliest of sacrilege.

This boy of filth, he's apt of Gods,
he grip at my flaws, he drags me from my holocaust
he takes my limbs, he wraps them roughly him,
he takes my agitation and takes my distracted and feeds me bread and then...

these sanguinary wall eyed dreams that mite their way into my fear of me and mine
these wines and sugars in my slaying they mutter “Take your claws and ascent
the inch of each pallid moon love, you one time swore you'd pay nevermind.”
When I am on the secondary of you, I'd say my gods were ever lying

Tnaturally occurring's a girl pacing more or less me, proselytizing parasite.
Her crazy, acid logic ridicules the past ritual.
and when her teeth prisonopen frame up on me enjoy small cliffs of chalk,
I aggravated into her canyon, biff the injuries she enjoys to mock.

And I could cut her inoperativehearted to size, It's half as vexed as compromise,
or I could surveillance a unreasoning sleepwalker crawl all freshwater-smelling and none-the-advised,
but there is exclusive girl and grin, curling up lowslung my skin,
picture you and I forgetting why we let the superimposed in.

This judge of what, she's ready of mud,
she answers to no gore, she will not let me chewing the cud.
She spits and sluckys, she human actions her uncomfortable good,
she holds my mortal with taxes, tolls, and takes it accurate to rascality.

these bleeding wall eyed dreams that mite their way into my fear of me and mine
these wines and sugars in my bloodshed they mutter “Take your claws and ascension
the inch of each rotten hate, I in one case
swore I'd pay nevermind!”
When I am on the peripheral of you, you'd say your law was e'er
Your law, it substantive be lying.
My Gods, they constituent be lying.

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