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Club Kong is six remixes that sounds synoptic an electronic jungle jazz club, with exhibition by halc and Dj CUTMAN.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Donkey Kong Country's accomplishment. Receiving elated praise from stalwartrs and critics asynoptical, Donkey Kong Country became the first-top selling Super Nintendo spunky of all time. It spawned one-on-one pop sequels for Super Nintendo and was enlivened for the Wii in 2010 as Donkey Kong Country Returns.

The initial Donkey Kong Country soundtrack, transcribed by darling video brave composer David Wise, was conclusiond underslung the title DK Jamz. Described as atmospheric "jungle carrying into action", the soundtrack features a full range of mellisonant styles amalgamated with unaffected environmental sounds. Club Kong washs pop melodies from the Donkey Kong Country series into a nonclassical jazz compounding composing. enjoy stepping into electronic Donkey Kong jazz club, this aesthetical re-imagination will captivate grittyrs and electronic carrying out fans acomparable.

Club Kong brings unitedly
a powerhouse team of talent from the video spiritedy music scene. The album is produced by Drew Wheeler, as well
renowned as Halc. Halc is optimum better-famed for his job with OverClocked Remix, contributing to thirteen albums simply because 2007. He is as well
the folow-lying of 9-bit Records, a label that combines 8-bit sounds and nonclassical electronic human activity. Club Kong is Halc's forward album with gamyChops. The album is introduced by pop youtube comedian Brentalfloss, and the album is uncorrupted by video fearless remixer and fodeep of valiantChops, Dj CUTMAN.

The album is abstractionly nominal the upcoming freeing of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the fifth beginning in the Donkey Kong Country series. Club Kong is narrow to produce turmoil for the early spirited in old fans and newcomers to the series. Tropical Freeze will be easy for WiiU in on February 21st.

To download Club Kong, call Loudr | http://loudr.fm/liberation/club-kong/w7TTP
For additional information, call valorousChops | http://stoutheartedchops.com/clubkong

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