Boy I Love Dem Skrippas [country |2016-09-22]
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i just took a trip to LA i'm in Hollywood acting Hollywood

prod. by @6silky x @basedtj

i made dis for fun shout out all da strippas ya feel me big booty lil booty it don't matta i love you all <3 see u soon


i run up a check
i show up and flex
don't fuck wit my set
boy i'm at yo neck
two ho's on each arm
you ain't fuckin bitch begone
don't worry i'ma give her back
we ain't really gonna be long
i just wanna hit it once
get the top and then i'm done
i just wanna get the funds
so much dope up in my lungs
go through a ounce once a day
had to hit the plug ándale
i'm at magic city monday
i'm at ace of diamonds tuesday

i just took a trip to LA i'm in hollywood actin hollywood
wit a big booty skripper bitch dancin on the dick like it's bollywood
bring her to the airbnb i'ma eat the pussy cause it's prolly good
told her bring me a home a rack or two i gotta get my young niggas out the hood
she wear coke like makeup ay
got white face like geisha yah
surgery wit lasers
fuck it beat it up Joe Frazier woah
ass look like kim k's, titties look like bug bites
wrist shyne like kanye, chain look like sunlight
k-a-y p, y-u-n-g, you know me
s-h-i-v-a, got bands that's cheesecake
walk in the club all black vlone thug yah yah
i'm in the cut, all the ho's show love yah yah

boy i love them skrippers (repeat)

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