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Tags: cutcoshows

Johnathan Parker and Christy Moey

starts at 4min

have a post-it note board with customer testimonials

mission - to build an organization of professional, profitable staff, young and old who are passionate about serving the needs of our clients.


* team player
* customer service mentality
* commitment to 100% followup
* service call trained and service call experience
* cookware knowledge
* biz gift knowledge
* view fair and show program as a privilege NOT an entitlement
* honesty and integrity
* product knowledge
* consistent sales outside of show program

How to get on the team
purchase the training kit

what to know:

* approaches
* prices
* questions
* event schedule
* look to grow

what to bring:

* comfortable shoes
* cutco polo
* cash for lunch and parking (or bring your own food for optimum energy)
* notebook
* questions
* schedule
* positive learning attitude

Benefits of fair and show program:

* building your customer base quickly through orders at each event
* gather warm leads to follow up with after the event for service, catalogs, biz gifts, etc
* opportunity to learn from the most elite sales leaders in your division
* gain new business, sales, and communication experience through interacting in a new business environment
More benefits:

* cookware sales
* gift registry leads
* perfect way to complement a week of demos/service calls
* being a part of a team of consistent top performers
* opportunity to become a F&S leader for division
* meet hundreds of Cutco owners and hear their testimonials
* build your product knowledge & conviction quickly

* professional and respectful
* be punctual
* selling FIRST attitude
* lead generation SECOND
* 100% follow up service
* participation in set up and tear down of booth
* be honest & act with integrity
The booth:
* Booth Check List (handout 1)
* Daily Booth Maintenance (handout 2)
* Establishing Good Habits (pages 37 & 38)
Shift Selection Process:

* By Seniority:
* Coordinator selects 1st
* CSP/F&S leaders 2nd
* New Staff Selects 3rd
* last month's sales
* career sales

* By Territory
* Local staff selects 1st for shoes in that area
* out of town staff selects 2nd for any unfilled shifts
* *Different for every division

* Events in Outlying Areas
* Selected on basis of seniority
Become a professional kitchen solver:

1. What is the problem?
2. What is the best way to solve it?
3. Make confident recommendations
4. have fun with the process
5. have their best interest in mind
The 6 C's to bring to your shift:

1. Cutco
2. Cash ($100)
3. Checkbook
4. Business Cards
5. Calculator
6. Calendar
* Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
* Comfy shoes
* notebook
* any needed groceries
* fair and show kit
* specials booklet
* name tag
* positive attitude

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