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  • Orchard Part III "Derush" The Creativity of Scripture?
    Orchard Part III "Derush" The Creativity of Scripture? What is the derush of scripture? The allegorical meaning, the creativity of literature? First let’s talk about what it’s not. IT IS NOT MADE UP! It is not taking something from nothing.
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  • Orchard Part "REMEZ" - The Implied Meaning of Scripture
    Orchard Part "REMEZ" - The Implied Meaning of Scripture Tonight’s Journey we tackle the second letter in the acronym PRDS which means Orchard in both Hebrew and Aramaic. Today we look at what is called the REMEZ - the implied meaning
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  • Orchard Part I Peshat
    Orchard Part I Peshat There is a lot that God has shown us through Genesis 2:15. Not only do we see that Adam was commanded to work this beautiful garden, but we see that in doing so he would unlock certain mysteries.
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  • 01 Fear Part V
    01 Fear Part V What are these hidden things that God sends us into the unknown to find? This is where this entire series comes together. What does He send us into the place of the unknown to find?
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  • P/C/B/ Defending with 3 & 4
    P/C/B/ Defending with 3 & 4 UNITED SPEED CLINIC FOOTBALL ACADEMY -Pressure Cover Balance, and Defending with 3 or 4 flat out of the back. Also, the importance of incorporating the tight diamond midfield into this philosophy as well as defending with strikers.
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  • Fear Part IV
    Fear Part IV In Hebrew the word “Unknown” has a very interesting definition and Word Picture. It’s root may be very familiar to some people hearing this sermon, and if not, you will find as we discover it’s meaning in depth, that this word for unknown, is meant to bring us, and lead us into a very interesting place with the Father in Heaven.
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  • Abe Lincolns 2nd Inaugural
    Abe Lincolns 2nd Inaugural PASTOR BILLY ELIAS- Reads from his favorite President, Abraham Lincoln, this his second Inaugural address, Saturday March 4th 1865.
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  • From Condemnation Part I
    From Condemnation Part I Pastor Billy Elias - From Condemnation to Restoration Part I "The Adulterous Woman". Journey with us to the Feast of Dedication to Solomon’s Portico where our Messiah is gathered and confronted by the Teachers of The Law with the infamous WOMAN CAUGHT IN ADULTERY. Watch as Messiah fulfills scripture from Jeremiah, prophecies about His death, burial and resurrection, and uses this moment to set all of us on a forgiving, eye opening walk with Him!
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  • From Condemnation... Part II
    From Condemnation... Part II From Condemnation to Restoration Part II - "The Bread of Affliction". In this final part of the series, see how the simple prayer beginning with "The Bread of Affliction" highlights the restoration of the oppressed, sinful, and puts us on a journey with Jesus the Messiah!
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  • Mispahacha Part II
    Mispahacha Part II Pastor Billy Elias - Mishpachah Part II, Building a house of Warriors. In this final segment to "The Family" Journey with us into the Culture and Biblical Tradition for building Children into Spiritual Warriors, and what our responsibility as parents are for helping to "build the Kingdom of Heaven". This is not for the faint hearted or those sensitive to today's current parenting dilemmas.
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