It's not a dream - Bronux & Hossein Ragheb (Persian/English song) - رویا نمی بینی
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دوستان عزیز اگر مورد پسندتان بود لطفا به اشتراک بگذارید . سپاسگزارم

Magical music: Branislava Labus Hrustic (Bronux) @
(she composed, arranged and produced instrumental Autumn Days

Vocals and lyrics (Persian/English): Hossein Ragheb
Vocal arrangement and final mix: Hossein Ragheb
(the English part from 2:35)

The other day, while listening to a number of tracks on SC, I felt I can find my comfort in singing my heart out to this wonderful music of Bronux called "Autumn Days". It had plenty of perfect keys and drums in it and I could not resist making an spritual love song out of it. Bronux kindly shared her beautiful track and has been nice and supportive like all my previous collaborators. I am not a professional poet or singer but yet it turned out to be an amazing and blissful experience to go through this magical journey all over again. I did promise myself that I must take care of all ears and hearts throughout this song, I hope you find that this is a success and does bring some comfort and joy to your heart and soul. If so, please kindly share it with other ears, hearts and souls. Spritual love can heal, believe me, I've been there.

Lyrics - It's Not a Dream:

I may complain of illness and pain
I'm not a victim, in love I remain

I shall be resting in the strom and rain
Gaining the power to find you again

I wake you one day, it may sound insane
It's not a dream, I will explain

Lyrics in Persian - رویا نمی بینی

از درد بی تویی هر چند شاکی ام
هرگز ملالی نیست در عشق باقی ام

در جستجوی تو بی تاب می آیم
شب باز طوفانی ست باید بیاسایم

روزی تو را از خواب بیدار می کنم
رویا نمی بینی تکرار می کنم

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