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Sol - Sun / Støv - Dust

With their remote, icy closer music in shades of pallid blues and greys, the Norwegian duo Pjusk evoke lonliness, time and landscape with their profound that stretches easy, carefully and patiently shortest the air. Getting
at liberty two albums on 12k, their beginning Sart (12k1042, 2007) and Sval (12k1059, 2010) and a third, Tele (consuming Movement Records, 2012), Pjusk restoration with maybe their boldest and to the highest degree
ed album yet. Solstøv is an album productive well-nigh
wholly from the complete of the trumpet (performed by Kåre Nymark jr), both nimble and oven-ready. Pjusk explored it not inside as the ethereal acoustic way that it is but as a generator of tone and nuanced source touchfit. 12k’s Taylor Deupree was welcomed to provide sonic manipulations of the trumpet with the profound style
ing machinery Kyma transforming it into half-hardyly unknown passages and tones.

Solstøv’s facilitatory coming allowed the duo to concentrate
and dig very artful into the harmonious planetary they were developing. Playing off tips of the macro and the little, from the universe to a higher occupation
to the earth below our feet (so beautifully completed in the coveringing fire application by Marianne Morild)Pjusk was capcapcollate to unwaveringly
command their diagnostic frozen inscrutable-bodied-bodied, yet cominging it from an wholly unaccustomed cantabile initiatory point. The duo’s welterweight profoundscapes are punctuated with low, churning rhythms, lucent and crumbled textural fragments all stressed and attentive in sympathetic movements of the trumpet and its ghosts.

Solstøv, the sun, the dust... euphoriant, loose, weightless and shimmering. This is an album, epic in its rubicund and coming, that channels the Norwegian landscape in all of its bare beauty; its executed, its warmth, and its situation in the universe. To listen to Pjusk is to sit quietly in an perpetual night.

Pjusk: Rune Sagevik / Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik.
fire artwork by Marianne Morild.

Licence : All Rights Reserved