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  • Cj Bracy Truth
    Cj Bracy Truth The truth changed my life forever. Jesus is the way truth and the life, wants I heard his good news I was no longer the same so now I tell people everywhere about this truth, this gospel, this good news so that hopefully it can change your life as well as it changed mines. Jesus is the truth and the only truth. I am not ashamed of the truth neither am I afraid the point is jesus wants us to share more of his truth, more of his gospel, lets not be afraid to do so, lets put it up in there faces no matter what. We are here to offer life and if they reject it at least we can say we gave that person a chance but other then that jesus has us on this earth to serve, we're on a mission, lets live out the truth and spread it everywhere we go. "TRUTH"
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  • Cj Bracy I Do It
    Cj Bracy I Do It With a mix of pop. rock, and hip hop this song is a BANGER! with a great message and will not want to stop listening to it.
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