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  • City纽迈律师楼 Shotkin, Lee & Associates P.C. 纽约刑事律师,移民律师,民事律师 Located in the heart of Manhattan, Shotkin, Lee & Associates P.C. was founded by Jewish-American and Chinese American attorneys with a heartfelt respect and recognition of the importance of understanding our client’s cultures, values and life experiences. At Shotkin, Lee and Associates P.C. we have drawn from our diversity to forge a core commitment to excellence. We provide high quality legal advice and representation to clients around the world. Our clients hale from all walks of life, so our attorneys tailor solutions to specific client demands. Our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with respect to their most challenging legal issues and most critical disputes. Under the guidance of diverse and experienced legal team, we provide the most professional legal advice and reliable services to all clients. City纽迈律师会计师楼位于曼哈顿中心位置,是由犹太裔大律师联合创办的综合性律师楼。我们向全世界的客户提供高品质的法律建议和服务。我们的客人多种多样,我们的律师为每个客户量身定做最适合的方案。我们的目标是,成为帮助客户解决最棘手的法律问题和纠纷的最佳选择。在犹太裔律师的指导下,我们为所有客户提供最专业且最可靠的服务。 工伤律师楼 纽约, 建筑事故律师 纽约, 车祸事故律师 纽约 website:
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