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  • 23Dec2013-BiriyaniWaste Biriyani waste discussion got worse.
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  • Oct13-0 Started with the fact that there was no water bottle and continued mostly on complains against my mom.
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  • Divorce Discussion Discussed with Srab if she wanted divorce from me. Told her what are things to consider before planning for it.
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  • 01May2013-FightForNotTakingMed Ishia, Srab, Licky and Me are supposed to take the worm medicine together on 10th and 25th April 2013 as the doctor said. We forgot that till 27th May, although I reminded her to do so on 24th. We had a small fight on 27th on this, but everyone except Srab had the medicine. I noticed the tablet on 1st May morning and told her to take it today also asked Licky remind her, in case she forgets. While going to bed despite me asking several times, she did not take the medicine. I asked Licky to tell her, as I was not comfortable in talking to her after the fight on 27th April. Licky came to her with the medicine and asked 20 times before she took it when I said that I'll call her father. After she took the medicine, Licky left, but Srab kept murmuring. She said I can call her father and she does not care. Her father knows me as a bad person and does not care for what I say. I She started challenging and said that I'll call and see what happens.I made the call, talked to her father. Then her father wanted to talk to her, but while talking to him, she started lying and misleading. So I grabbed the phone and said, "I'll talk now". For that she scratched me and Igrabbed my hair. So, I also grabbed her hair and said "I'll break your hand if it is raised against me like this". The end happenned when she gave a big slap in front of Licky andd I did not return the favour. If I had done that, it would have continued. This recording captures the vent and her slangs after that.
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  • LuckyShouting27April2013 This recording was not during the fight which happened during noon that I explained below. This recording was during a fight in the afternoon where she again beat me and I did not hit back. The fight started when Ishi was afraid of going to the water to take bath because of the previous day full shampoo bath. Today, although she was afraid and shouting, Lucky gave her full soap bath again when Ishi was crying for the whole tile. She had cough last night and that is why I switched off the cooler. And after the bath, Ishi has cold and mild fever; did not sleep for most of the night. The fight was because, I went to Luck and was saying why did she gave her a soap bath today when she is crying and had a shampoo bath yesterday. She told me to go away and pushed me. Then I angrily hold her hands and pushed her, saying she can't push me like that. Then she pulled my hair and I did the same saying as long as she starts beating me, I'll also do the same. She hit me and so I hit her. She came with knife and belan to beat me, what am I supposed to do. I do not have to go so far. If I'm angry, I'll give slap may be. But, if she starts pulling hair, biting, beating, kicking or come with a knife to harm me, I'll make sure that she is harmed. Next time I'll break the hand that touches me.
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