Chris Ashenden, a local from New Zealand, is known as a wellness and fitness promoter, global traveler, adventurer, entrepreneur, and writer who currently invests the majority of his time in Medellin, Colombia, as well as New York City. Mr. Ashenden writes as "Chris the Kiwi" for his website, where he discusses his professional and personal pursuits within physical activity and food intake, and he works as a spokesman for the Athletic Greens all-natural health supplement line.

Chris Ashenden makes use of the information he acquired as a college student working toward a college degree in Sports Science at New Zealand's prestigious University of Auckland and from his real-world experience with diet along with exercise to encourage his subscribers to go for their own personal optimum stages of physical, mental, and mental overall health.

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  • Chris Ashenden Chris Ashenden, a local from New Zealand, is a health promoter, world traveller, adventurer, online marketer, and author which presently spends a lot of his time in Colombi and NYC. Chris Ashenden writes as "Chris the Kiwi" for his blog, where he covers his personal and professional hobbies and interests on physical exercise and nutrition, and he works as a representative for the Athletic Greens organic supplement series. Chris Ashenden.
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