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  • Whack City Rack City (Remix) "Whack City"
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  • Jill She lives her life on a razor thin line between the middle of her wrist and middle of her mind Its healing time for the girl with a broken past Lifes a bit different when its written with some broken glass history of dark choices carved into her thighs Pain within her heart but I swear I saw it in her eyes She tries to smile but her mask is transparent You can see her broken life and you can tell she cant stand it Another heartbreak another musician Another 2 inch scar for her faulty intuition He said he loved her and she said thats what i need Now watch jack run away and watch jill start to bleed Now pardon me but theres a part of me that starts to see the art of free expression so excuse me if its hard to breathe but, I see the beauty in her brush strokes, hush no quiet as you feel the cold steel now let that rush go pretty little angel, broken wings cant fly Never felt more alive than in the midst of watching dreams die Scream while the pain floods in but more floods out Love may be blind but it shore is loud 1 for my childhood, 2 for my life now 3 for the future, I might never put this knife down 4 for the heartache, 5 for the flashbacks 6 more scars from Bright red turns to shades of gray watch her problems fade away Self harm coming in to save the day Watch her carve out all those past endeavors try to numb the pain and hope it lasts forever Life lessons discected from her arms How can something so helpful be considered self harm? The deeper she goes the deeper she goes and now shes seeking to know if maybe grass gets greener on the other side, mothers eyes, knife in hand she never had the will to do it but tonight she can Her hands are getting colder and her lips are turning blue Another cut for all the stuff that shes been through shes in too deep. shes been asleep for awhile The first cut that bad since her last real smile Walk a mile in her shoes before you pass blame We'll all end the same now watch her choose to take the fast lane Last sane moment with a half drained soul Glass stained open wound Gashed veins open too Shes got the spoken truth hidden in her last breath utters "Im free" as her soul begins to grasp death The purest form of art Self expression in the raw until shes torn apart Screw the past shes got her eyes on the after life And you can call her crazy, Or let her pass the knife And take your mask and like drop it through the cracks of light scars on your arms and then slowly let it fade back Its just one little slit into the flesh Until them wounds grow bigger and now youre reaching for your breaths and you can test the limits of your self control or you can let that passion burn until it melts your soul Pick a poison let that pain run deep Keep it all inside or hope that vein dont leak feel free to go and let them ashes fall where they land And watch your life blow away like its written in the sand man truth hurts, Death and life choose, worst case scenario Im gasping for new words to speak to you and yeah its bleak but truth can only be, and you can only see if youre the one that I am speakin to Another week or two, another weaker two Another streak of kids tryna make a freak of you I see you sittin with a future lookin bleak so do what you need to do but know i love you through the speakers you, are not alone and if your shoulders too sore to rest, I got an extra for them tears now get it off your chest Im nothin special cant really say my life is blessed But Ill show you if youll show me and we'll make it through it none the less
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