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  • Shoes in Italy Need to Convert your Shoe Size? Here’s how! Comfort is a serious matter when it comes to footwear followed by style, where it is the job of the designer to strike a crucial balance between the two. Shoe trends for both men and women, vary with time and generation. And shoe sizes vary from person to person. There is an entire culture of endorsing footwear and there is much more complexity to it, even though it looks simple. Shoes, no matter what the fashion and design may be, should have a substantial amount of comfort to the wearer. Spending hundreds of dollars for shiny tall heel shoes with red shoe bites at the end of the day is not at all a good bargain. Shoe making is a precise and very rigorously practiced craft all over the world. The specialty lands in Italy, where the finest shoemakers reside and do their best work. Shoes initially are the online store where you could get the best of the best when it comes to Italian footwear. Shoes initially are the perfect place to get stylish Italian shoes at affordable prices. Other than providing a wide range of fashionable products, the website also provides a precise size conversion chart that has men and women shoe sizes in their internationally standardized units. It also teaches the novice customer how to measure their feet to get the accurate size for their shoes. The manual first teaches the customer step by step how to measure the size of your feet, and then the customer can get his show size conversion according to the chart given below. Show sizes are measured according to different standards in different countries, so, with respect to how the Italian designers measure their footwear, our customer is guided through the process of comparing and conversion of his shoe size. If you want to practice shoe size conversion all you need to do is get a measuring tape. The problem with shoe sizes is that there is no universal system to measure shoe size. The UK shoe size differs from the US shoe size and so on. Therefore if one is seeking out a nice pair of stylish shoes one needs to know the basics of shoe size conversion especially if one is in a different country other than their native one. In this case the process is pretty simple. All you need to do is trace your leg on a piece of paper with a pen. Make sure your foot is completely extended so that you can get the longest length on the paper. Then use the measuring tape or the ruler to scale the length from the tip of your largest toe to the base of your ankle. After that all you have to do is find any standard US or UK shoe size conversion chart and convert the measurements you have taken with the measurements on the chart. In this way you will have standard measurements with you and you can just as easily get your favorite shoe in your desirable size Find out more at
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