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I am a student of life and nature. An enthusiastic blogger with a purpose, a voice of love for all hearts. A columnist and motivation/inspirational worder that likes to talk to people's hearts. And also a passionate educationist. I am blessed to bless.

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  • Be A Reason
    Be A Reason It's a motivational piece for those that think being in a state of despair makes them useless to other around them. I hope to touch hearts with this.
    bunmifash 00:05:00 372 3 Downloads 0 Comments
  • The Victim Syndrome
    The Victim Syndrome This is a piece about how people hide being victimization just to prove a point. It talks about hating on fellow men just because they are better than you.
    bunmifash 00:03:48 312 2 Downloads 0 Comments
  • What Makes A Man?
    What Makes A Man? It is a piece about man and his realities or lack of. It's a motivational piece about how man is affected by his lack of self knowledge.
    bunmifash 00:05:42 346 1 Downloads 0 Comments
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