Fountains: the best way to bring life to your home
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The home is where the heart is but if you have to actually bring life to your home you have to place things that are actually lively and bring that much needed flow of energy. In various Chinese Feng Shui and Indian Vastu always recommend the flow of energy in such a way that the positivity is maintained in your home. One such way of maintaining the flow of positive energy is by having a fountain in your home.
You may have seen the fountains that are placed outdoors but there are also indoor fountains and for the people who are new to the concept of fountains it is important that they know about the types of fountains. Basically there are two major divisions in which the fountains can be broadly divided into two categories- indoor fountains and outdoor fountains.
The outdoor fountains are the most common types of fountains and this is what everybody mostly knows about. These fountains need a large area and are extensive. They come in various decorative styles and help to enhance the look the places such as gardens, crossroads and parks.
The indoor fountains on the other hand are a new concept and help you decorate the interior of your home, offices, airports and for that matter any place indoor. In this category of indoor fountains there are still various types of fountains that can be used indoors.
Wall fountain: this is the most space saving design of an indoor water fountain. This fountain just needs a spare wall or any wall that is not being used for any purpose and can be accommodated without any much fuss. These can be installed in your home or office and also can be used as wall art. These fountains also come in metal and give a special look to your home.
Floor fountains: the floor fountains are also a variety of indoor fountains that bring glamour to your home. These water fountains need a little space for your floor but give that elegant calmness to the interior of your home. The floor fountain can be used in the big living rooms as a decorative piece.
Table top fountains: these fountains are the ones that need the least space. They can be kept on the table in the centre of the room or just in some quiet corner. They can be placed on the center table or the dining table so that you have the most peaceful meal in the world.
These water fountains come in various forms such as
Musical fountains: these indoor fountains change their flow along with the ups and the lows in the music that is being played along with the flow of water.
Lighted fountains: these fountains have lights installed in them. This makes the fountain more attractive and appealing for the place they are located in.
These both types of fountains are expensive and only if you want to splurge on the installation of the fountain you must buy these kinds of indoor water fountains.


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