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A gentle soul within a gorgeous look<br />
Melting away with every step you took<br />
Let me take you.<br />
I know a spot where you can see it all,<br />
Trust that I'd never let you fall.<br />
Let me strip you.<br />
Not of your clothes but of your ego,<br />
Can I express oh, a hint of cappucino,<br />
Dash of jalapeno, and now we getting flashy,<br />
Gettin hotter, blow it girl, I know you like it nasty.<br />
Maybe not, but if you want it let me know,<br />
It's pretty dark out but I swear your beauty glows,<br />
You would be the sunshine everywhere you go,<br />
A series of love and we're the stars of the show,<br />
(No, no, no) I could never love her.<br />
Always taught to never judge a book by its cover.<br />
So let me read you, tell me all your secrets.<br />
Your satin skin, I wanna know whats underneath it.<br />
<br />
You say you got an ear for hip-hop and indie,<br />
(Hold up) take my jacket now its getting windy.<br />
Tell me more I want to understand your taste,<br />
As we walk across a bridge leading straight to outerspace,<br />
I realize I'm hypnotized by your eyes,<br />
If looks could kill, you would be my demise.<br />
A solemn snap and it all comes back,<br />
Little tap on my nose, you say you want me to rap,<br />
So, I say I'll flow if you sing me a song,<br />
Bringing words to the tune that we've been hummin all along.<br />
Time slow, all I feel is you, <br />
Our minds grow as we exchange our point of view.<br />
You say you wonder how we never met before,<br />
You're all I ever wanted and I always wanted more<br />
Than a pretty outer shell, you took me for a spin,<br />
To be honest I can say youre just as beautiful within.<br />
<br />
Years passed, things changed,<br />
The sad truth is infatuation fades.<br />
Thought we were perfect but it didnt happen so,<br />
I'm just sitting here justifying why I let you go,<br />
Wasn't meant to be apparently we really weren't,<br />
Raging waters storming I just couldnt fight the current,<br />
Call me weak but I know I gave my all,<br />
If I could turn the hands of time I'd find a way to make you fall,<br />
For me and only me, until the day we die,<br />
If I said I never loved you, it would be the biggest lie.<br />
Wonder if I ever cross your mind,<br />
Remembering the days when I could say that you were mine,<br />
Unfulfilled promise, pathetic lack of trust,<br />
The excuses and the lies hidden inbetween the lust.<br />
Wish I could rearrange everything you said to me.<br />
Your smell, your voice, your touch, (all a memory)...

Licence : All Rights Reserved

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