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Yo, I'm the square in this circle,<br />
A little bit of bundy with a little bit of urkle,<br />
Splash a bit of ash, catch em all before you poke a ball.<br />
My knowledge stretchin harder farther than the bloody wall<br />
Of china, dot period but no vagina. <br />
Sittin in my room alone at home just tryna find a,<br />
Way to battle all my schemin demons.<br />
Beaten deacon, tell me whats reason for this treason.<br />
Stop it, fix it, if it aint dope dont mix it.<br />
I'm goin silly willy, got the golden ticket.<br />
Lick it, kick it, less than three hearts broken.<br />
Outspoken token in the crowd,<br />
Jokin so loud, tokin on a cloud,<br />
Allowed to do whatever,<br />
Weird forever, bite never,<br />
Unless its in the fresh flesh, <br />
Of your girls chest, finesse mess.<br />
Finish yes. ghosts in my peripheral.<br />
Forget the literal, bandwagon hasbeen hypebeast douchebags,<br />
Never do that, I'll chop em where you wear the do-rag.<br />
Should I even have to say more? play more.<br />
I'll blow your ass up with a clay more, spray war.<br />
Spit it. I'll dust it off and hit it.<br />
Rich trick, catch a snitch, no quidditch.<br />
But I'm a wizard, I puke a blizzard <br />
Of gizzards, eating dead lizards. (Ew)<br />
Nasty trashy, and I know they fond of me,<br />
I aint a blood but allow me to say bomedy.<br />
Untraditional, hooks additional,<br />
Conditional decision, they never listen.<br />
Snooze on this, ill make your eyes spill.<br />
I'm sleepier than a snorlax on nyquil.<br />
<br />
w00t w00t!<br />

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