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This weeks uploader of the week is a familiar one to the YourListen.com family user insidethecage- :http://yourlisten.com/user/public/?username=insidethecage#en a.k.a. ESPN radio personality Greg DeLong.

Greg has uploaded close to 100 episodes of his cutting edge MMA show “Inside the Cage”. With a wide variety of MMA personalities chiming in on a weekly basis Greg’s uploads have become extremely popular within the YourListen.com community.

Guests on his uploads have included Bas Rutten, Dan Hardy. Mark Munoz and Alistair Overeem among others. Even if your not an MMA fan Greg’s uploads are worth a listen. Greg congrats on being our uploader of the week and thanks for your continued support.

Give this weeks upload  a listen below



Welcome, Huan ying, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Irasshaimase, Dobro Pojalovat to the official YourListen.com blog.

This is our first blog post.  This blog is aimed to keep our dedicated users, casual visitors and everyone else in between  updated with anything and everything YourListen.com and other interesting happenings from around the world. We hope to stay more updated and in touch with you through or blog.

We first off would like to thank everyone for your continued support throughout the years. It has been a very long time since YourListen.com made it presence on the world wide web 2 years 9 months and 23 days to be exact. Our goal was and still is to be anything and everything audio. A destination site where when online audio is thought of YourListen.com comes to mind. We continue to aim to be the most user friendly  platform to upload, listen, share, search, download and discuss any audio file.

Throughout the past two plus years we have received over 85,000 unique audio files uploaded by our users. Audio content ranging from the funny, the strange, the informative, the controversial have all been uploaded. We have an ever so expanding libary uadio spanning a wide variety of  genrers: audio blogs, inteveriews, sounnites, sound effects, podcasts, commercials, independent music, ring tones , voice mails and dj mixes. If their is any other genre of audio you would like to see added to our list of channels please contact us on our info link located on the YourListen.com home page.

As we continue to grow we will do our very best to implement the most up to date technology and features to make the YourListen.com as enjoyable as possible. Within the last year we have added multiple social share features which make the sharing of audio with others as simple as one click of the mouse. we have also become compatible with virtually every form of audio: AAC,AC3, AIFF,AMR,CAF,MMF,MP2, MP3, M4A, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA and MID all can be uploaded to YourListen.com and the files can be up to 100mb which is around an hours worth of audio!

Please ad us to your computers favorites as we will have weekly/daily updates on our blog. You can also keep up with us on



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