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Our Uploader of the Week this week is one who is no stranger to political audio.

Politcalhermann http://yourlisten.com/user/public/?username=politicalhermann has contributed a wide variety of political sound bites and speeches.

Politics are always a touchy subject but politicalhermann brings a wide variety of the political sounds throughout the centuries for all of the YourListen.com users to listen to and share.

Congrats!! Below is one of the many political soundbites



YourListen.com uploads are compatible with 15 different audio extensions. These include: AAC,AC3, AIFF,AMR,CAF,MMF,MP2, MP3, M4A, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA . MP3 uploads are by far the most popular audio extension upload. Are there any other audio extensions you would like to see added to this list? Why are mp3 uploads the most popular of the bunch?? What audio extension format do you feel has the best sound quality?? What do you feel is the next biggest audio extension format on the horizon. We would love to hear your feedback. Chime in here or shoot us an email at support@yourlisten.com

The YourListen.com new and improved flash player is now live on the site. The new player will enable all of you to be able upload music and other various audio files, store your audio and share with all your favorite scoial sites like facebook, twitter and more. The player is compatible with a wide variety of audio formats upload mp3, .wav, .WMA and more.

Below is what our player looks like. Go ahead and test its features and upload and share your own audio today


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