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Halloween might be over but that does not mean spirits and spookiness still do not persist in our world. Our uploader of the week this week is mpn17 http://yourlisten.com/user/public/?username=mpn17#en

Paranormal soundbites are plastered all over this users profile. Is their a ghost, an evil spirit, a supper power or just an illusion? Give all the uplaods and listen and judge for yourself




Our Uploader of the Week this week is one who is no stranger to political audio.

Politcalhermann http://yourlisten.com/user/public/?username=politicalhermann has contributed a wide variety of political sound bites and speeches.

Politics are always a touchy subject but politicalhermann brings a wide variety of the political sounds throughout the centuries for all of the YourListen.com users to listen to and share.

Congrats!! Below is one of the many political soundbites



This weeks uploader of the week is a familiar one to the YourListen.com family user insidethecage- :http://yourlisten.com/user/public/?username=insidethecage#en a.k.a. ESPN radio personality Greg DeLong.

Greg has uploaded close to 100 episodes of his cutting edge MMA show “Inside the Cage”. With a wide variety of MMA personalities chiming in on a weekly basis Greg’s uploads have become extremely popular within the YourListen.com community.

Guests on his uploads have included Bas Rutten, Dan Hardy. Mark Munoz and Alistair Overeem among others. Even if your not an MMA fan Greg’s uploads are worth a listen. Greg congrats on being our uploader of the week and thanks for your continued support.

Give this weeks uploadĀ  a listen below



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